Medicine and HealthCare in Ireland

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Program Type
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Exams Accepted
#3 University College Dublin

University College Dublin

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Bachelors: EUR 24500 Masters: EUR 18300
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,
#4 National University of Ireland Galway
#5 University College Cork

University College Cork

Location: Cork, Ireland

Bachelors: EUR 16264 Masters: EUR 18000
#6 Dublin City University

Dublin City University

Location: Leinster, Ireland

Bachelors: EUR 13200 Masters: EUR 12600
#7 Dublin Institute of Technology

Dublin Institute of Technology

Location: Leinster, Ireland

Bachelors: EUR 11500 Masters: EUR 11500
#8 Athlone Institute of Technology

Athlone Institute of Technology

Location: Athlone, Ireland

Bachelors: EUR 10000 Masters: EUR 10150
#9 Cork Institute of Technology

Cork Institute of Technology

Location: Bishopstown, Ireland

Bachelors: EUR 12000 Masters: EUR 11250
#10 Institute of Technology Sligo

Institute of Technology Sligo

Location: Sligo, Ireland

Bachelors: EUR 9000 Masters: EUR 12000
#11 Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Location: Paul Hannigan, Ireland

Bachelors: EUR 9000 Masters: EUR 9000
#12 Limerick Institute of Technology

Limerick Institute of Technology

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Bachelors: EUR 9750 Masters: EUR 10750

Medical Universities in Ireland

A large number of international students go to Ireland every year to pursue their higher education. At any given point of time every year, there are roughly two hundred thousand students from other countries in the Irish colleges and universities. This happens because the country offers a very high standard of education to its students. Students can choose between a large numbers of courses across disciplines, and can pursue education at various levels of the system- under-graduation to post-graduation. However, the most popular course in Ireland in the recent times is medical in Ireland. Ireland boasts of some of the best medical colleges in the world.

The medical courses are, in fact, more popular than the science courses that the Irish educational institutions offer. It is common knowledge today that medicine healthcare in Ireland is top-class. There are seven medical schools in the country, offering medical degrees. Almost all of them offer undergraduate courses in medicine. It is mandatory for students to appear in the Health Professions Admission Test and score at least 480 points to be eligible for admission in a medical school in Ireland. A degree in medicine from any of the medical colleges in Ireland ensures a prosperous career and a worldwide recognition. Also, studying medical in Ireland for International students is an extremely lucrative option because the course does not cost much.

In fact, the tuition fee is paid to the university by Ireland’s Higher Education Authority. This scheme is for students from the European Union nations, and also for those who enrol for a full time undergraduate course of two years’ duration for the first time. Of course, universities charge a yearly Student Contribution Fee, but that amount will in no way be comparable to the fee for the course that the government pays for the students. Finally, the courses are conducted in English, making those very accessible to international students. Thus, for all those who wish to pursue a course in medicine outside their country, Ireland is the best option available.

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