Cost of studying in USA

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The United States of America is the top study destination of the world right now. Due to its high academic standard, students from across the world flock to it in large numbers to pursue their higher education and get internationally recognized degrees.

Cost of Studying in USA

Tuition Fees in the USA

It differs college of cost, based on which type of colleges in USA you want to study in. Although the average fees that one has to pay without any financial assistance is quite high, there are a large number of sources of funding available, making studying in the American universities affordable.

Tuition Fees at Public Universities

As mentioned, the university fees are different for different universities and depend on the courses students choose to pursue. On an average, however, the college tuition fees vary from USD 5000 to 50000 per year, and this could go up for certain courses like MBA, Medical, Law, etc. The average tuition fees for two-year courses in public universities is USD 3520, while for four-year courses it is USD 9650 (in-state), and USD 24930 (out of state).

Tuition Fees at Other Type of Institutions

The average college tuitional fees ways depend on the kind of institution (public or private), and the course one pursues. As we have already mentioned, even for public universities, the average can go up in a steep manner if the course’s duration doubles. For example, private non-profit universities can charge USD 33480 for a four year course.

Affordable Universities in the USA

The most affordable universities in USA are the University of Texas, University of Texas at Austin, Iowa State University and University of Utah. Some other universities and the average tuition fees they charge are as follows:

Affordable University Average Tuition Fees
University of Texas at Dallas 13000 USD/year
University of Texas at Arlington 9000  USD/year
Texas A&M University 9000  USD/year
Arizona State University 13000  USD/year
Illinois University of Technology 31000  USD/year

Tuition Fees at Top Ranked Universities

For anyone who wants to study abroad, especially in the United States, it becomes important to know which are the top universities in USA that offer their courses and programmes at affordable costs. Here is a list of such universities in America:

Top-Ranked University Average Tuition Fees
University of Florida 12000 USD/year
Missouri University of Science and Technology 12000  USD/year
Washington State University 13000  USD/year
University of Wisconsin-Madison 13000  USD/year
North Carolina State University 10000  USD/year

Scholarships in USA

Scholarships are a very important aspect of a student’s plan to Study in USA. For Indian students, especially, the fees that most American universities charge may not be affordable. So here is a list of the scholarships in USA for Indian students can avail:

  • The Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship
  • ETS TOEFL Scholarship
  • Tata Scholarships for Cornell University
  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
  • Inlaks Scholarships to Study Abroad
  • Inlaks Research Travel Grants, and
  • Lady Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust Scholarships

International Students Loan USA

International Students loan is a realistic way to fund your expenses for the time when you are going to study abroad. If you are exhausted with your scholarship and financial aid, and the family funds, and there is still the gap of funds that are needed to be proved, an international Students Loan is the way to go. It will not only help you bridge the gap, but will give you the luxury of extended payments and low interest rates.

Education loan Benefits

International Students loans are a great way to fund your education abroad. Because they are designed for the students, they are very flexible when it comes to repayment of the loan. The amounts are high enough to pay for your programs, but the repayment is done over an extended period of time. The interest rates are also low compared to other types of loans. There are also convenient options like repayment after graduation. Keep in mind that most of the times, international students loan for USA are provided by private organisations.

Cost of living in USA

The cost of living actually depends on the location the student decides to stay in. For example, in states like Washington, California, and in the areas around New York, the living costs may be quite high. In general, for students from countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, the living cost may be in the range of 6000 to 20000 dollars a year. This is based on the assumption that students would reside in shared apartments, live outside campus, and live in a modest manner.

Accommodation in USA

There are three kinds of accommodation options available for international students- on campus accommodation, off campus accommodation and host family accommodation. In the first case, the student lives on the university’s campus, in a student room or student apartment. This arrangement is an expensive proposition, but helps in becoming familiar with the university and the students really fast. In off campus accommodation, one hires a private or shared apartment outside the campus. This costs lesser. Finally, living with a family can be more expensive than off campus accommodation, but helps in becoming familiar with the American culture.

Food Costs in USA

Students are not supposed to live in luxurious manners. America offers all kinds of options to people. Students have the option of having meals in inexpensive restaurants for just thirteen dollars. A three-course meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant costs fifty dollars. McDonald’s combo meals cost just seven dollars. Domestic beer costs four dollars, and imported five.

Transportation in USA

Usually, students live either on campus, or just outside it. Therefore, transportation is not a big issue. They avail the public transport system, which comprises of buses, cabs and trains. Also, there are vehicle rental facilities available. Students often use the car pools to move from one place to another.

Extra Costs and Savings in USA

America is full of options and temptations that may incur extra costs. So one needs to be careful. In addition, health insurance is an extra cost. Also, there are the costs related to buying books, stationaries, etc. One can save on the food costs by dining in inexpensive restaurants. One may use pool cars for travelling, and the libraries to borrow all books.

So whether one wants to become a graduate from an American university, or pursue a Masters or any other post-graduate programme, one can be absolutely sure of getta ing top quality education, and in English.

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