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France! The most favorite study destination now days for most of students. Depending on your purpose i.e. whether you are going for a visit, for pursuing higher education or for work, there are 3 types of visas i.e. Schengen Student Visa, Visa to sit in Placement test and Long Stay Visa. Let us discuss each of them in detail with Student Visa requirements.

Student visa in France

Schengen visa france

 It is also known as temporary France student visa. If you want to go for maximum 3 months, then you will have to take this visa i.e. students taking courses of less than 3 months. They are not renewable visas. Before you apply for Schengen visa France, keep in mind that they are not renewable visas.

Visa to sit in Placement Test

If you need to go to France with a particular ultimate objective to sit in any college’s entrance exams then you can go for this type of visa. In case if you are selected then you can apply for 1 year residence permit and it is renewable.

Long Stay Visa France

Okay so this is the longest stay visa. If you want to go for more than 6 months you can apply for this kind of visa. It includes Residency permit as well as study period.

You might have come across this word “Campus France”. Campus France is an organization that helps students who wants to go to France. It works under the observation of Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It also helps French students who want to go to other countries for pursuing higher education. It is basically a stepping stone where each and every student has to undergo a certain process like that of registering, taking interview date in return campus France provides details about  Scholarships information, Application procedure, providing details about various colleges,  Interview Procedure etc.

Documents Required for France Student Visa

  • You have to fill the France Visa Application form after downloading it from Campus France website and take a printout of the form.
  • 2 photographs must be connected; the photograph ought to be of international ID design – a current entire face catch with a light foundation.
  • Passport having at least 2 blank pages which is legitimate for no less than 3 months beyond return date and copies of your past visas are required.
  • They also ask for the Xerox of return ticket reservation and travel visa insurance affirmation of least 30,000 € scope inside France and the whole Schengen region
  • There is also requirement of a cover letter expressing the reason for a visit to France and agenda, confirmation of convenience for your stay in France.
  • Evidence of your status i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.
  • Proof of adequate money related means for the time of remain. According to the European Commission determines you must be capable bearing witness to the French Embassy or Consulate having the day by day cash measure of 120€ if you don’t have any proof of your accommodation. And if you have proof of your accommodation then this sum decreases to 65€/day

France Visa Process: How to Apply for Student Visa? 

  1. Sign in and create an account on official France visa website.
  2. The next step is to filling out the France Visa application form. The form will ask for details like your home country / is the stay long-term or short-term / what is the purpose of staying in France.
  3. Based on all this information, the website will tell you if you require a visa for France or not.
  4. The next step will be for your personal information.
  5. After filling up your personal details, you will be asked if you have ever stayed in France for more than three months in a row before.5.
  6. The next step is to declare how long ae you planning to stay in France and your accommodation contact where you will be staying in the France.
  7. After the final step, you will be given a list of documents required to complete your visa process, along with accommodation and fund proofs.
  8. Application Fees: The France visa fees to be paid: 99 € (8432 INR approx.)
  9. With printed Application and Required Documents, you have to visit one of the French Consulates in Mumbai, Delhi, Puducherry, Kolkata, or Bengaluru.
  10. The France visa appointment can be taken at French consulate as early as three months before departure date.

The normal France Visa processing time for the student’s visa is three weeks. So keep in mind the timelines of application and visa process in France.

That’s all for your Visa in France.


Do I need a student Visa France?

Non-EU / EEA students who are looking forward to study in France, for more than 90 days, will need a long stay visa to Study in France.

How do I get French Student Visa?

Students will have to go through the “Campus France” application for the student visa in France. After the face to face interview at the local campus France, the process moves to VFS, where one has to submit the documents, and go through the final stages of application. There are number of documents required along with the application such as, acceptance letter from the university, proof of monetary funds, valid health insurance, accommodation letter, and language proficiency.

Can you work on a student visa in France?

Students are allowed to work on part time basis, and permitted working hours are 20 per week. In the academic breaks, students can work full time without any restrictions.

How long does it take to get a student visa to France?

Process for Campus France takes an average of three weeks, and the visa processing time for student visa in France is 15 working days. The students should start the process at least 90 days before the date of departure, or as soon as they receive acceptance letter.

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