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France follows the Bologna Process the same as other European countries. There are three levels of higher education in France, which are Bachelor’s, Masters and doctoral studies more commonly known as PhDs. Out of all three, the most number of international students aim for the masters in France, the institutions also have a higher number of English taught programs for the Masters. If you have just completed your bachelor’s studies, or about to complete it, here we are talking about one of the most affordable yet prestigious masters education you can get, not only in Europe but across the globe. Study in France has many treasures waiting to be explored, and we are here to give you a sneak peek.

Due to the bologna process, the master in France is a degree that will be accepted worldwide, from both the institutions and employers. However, depending on the home countries, the studies of law, medicine and education may or may not be accepted in countries other than France.

There are three types of institutes in France to study a Masters degree.

1. Traditional Universities: These are more traditional universities in France. If you want to study Masters in France with fundamental streams and a more theoretical approach to education, then the traditional universities are for you.

2. Grande École: These are the kind of institutions which host the most number of international students as they are more specialised when it comes to different fields of studies ranging from science to management. The Grande Ecoles in France is some of the top-ranked institutions in France. They have specialised courses and highly facilitated research wings.

3. École Spéciale: As the name suggests, these are institutions for specialised studies, and they are more of an academy than educational institutions. They host the students mostly from arts and music, and here, individual portfolios matter more than academic achievements. For Admission cycles in all these institutes, check out: Intakes in France

Masters Degree in France Taught in English

Yes, that is one of the most significant reasons for international students to study Masters in France. Apart from the Master’s Degree in the French Language, many Universities in France offer complete courses in the English language as well as some courses in the combination of English and French. Most of the Science and Management courses, which are internationally relevant, are available in English. 

For more information, refers to our Program Guide To Masters In France

Top Colleges in France For Masters:

Here are some of the Top colleges and universities in France for Masters studies that offer best French Masters Programs:

  1. Ecole Polytechnique
  2. HEC Paris
  3. Sciences Po
  4. ESSEC Business School
  5. ESCP Europe

Explore Top 10 MBA universities in France

These are just five of them! Find out more on: Universities in France

1 Year Masters in France:

The most sought after courses is management in France. The universities offer a large number of courses to international students, be it MBA of other similar courses. Because short term courses are most convenient to the working professionals, or to the students who want to get a degree certificate and dive into the job market, these one year Masters in France are very popular. INSEAD, ISM, ESCP and ESSEC are some of the schools/universities offering one year masters in France

Free Masters in France

France is not particularly known for being inexpensive, However, when you move out of Paris and other metropolitan areas, it is quite affordable when compared to the other European countries, especially the UK. But, is it actually possible to study Masters in France for Free? The answer is no. For international students, there are fees (however minimal), and another day to day costs to attend. Is it possible to study masters in France without any debt? Yes. There are a number of ways students can pay for the academic costs and living expenses while studying masters in France, one of them is Work Permit after Masters in France, and the other way is Scholarships in France

Masters in France Cost:

Here are some of the average figures when it comes to studying Masters in France costs:

 Types of Institutions

 Average Masters in France Cost

 Grande Ecoles

 500 to 600 Euros a Year, can go up to 10000 Euros depending on the Institute 

 Private Universities

 1500 to 20000 Euros a Year

 Business Schools

 5000 to 7000 Euros a Year


Universities in France Most affordable Institutes to study Masters in France:

 Universities in France

 Average Tuition Fees (EUR/Year) 

 Université de Lyon


 Université du Maine


 University of Burgundy


 University Lille Sciences et Technologies


 Grenoble Institute of Engineering - University of Grenoble Alpes



For more information on Masters in France Costs, living expenses and other monetary information, check out our Fees and Affordability guide for France: Cost of Studying in France

Job Opportunities in France after Masters

Students are needed to have a legal residence permit in France to get employed after their Masters in France. There are campus placements offered by some of the universities and internships offered at the end of the programs. Students can also get themselves registered at the local job portals to get an employment. You can also check out: Most Popular Job Sectors in France

How to Apply for Masters in France:

How to get into a University in France for a Masters degree? Here is how: The application process for masters in France does not change much from the bachelor’s process. There are basic requirements like a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university, Masters in France band requirements for language in some cases, entrance exams if required language requirements in some cases, entrance exams if required by the program and so on. To know step by step detailed process on how to apply for Masters in France, click: How to apply for masters in France and Study in France Requirements 

The Visa requirements also differ for different courses and universities. Here is all you need to know about Student visa in France if you are looking forward to apply for a Masters Program: Student Visa in France

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