So what attracts you to come and Study in France? Eiffel tower, fashion houses of Paris, classical art museums including the Louvre, wines and sophisticated cuisine, Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings, Lyon’s Roman Theater, or the vast Palace of Versailles attest to its rich history.

Best courses to study at universities in France

But you know there are 250000 international students which comprise 10% of the total number of students in France. The reason why so many students are attracted for choosing their study destination as France is its best universities which offer best courses and most importantly it has very Fewer tuition fees as compared to other countries like that of U.S and U.K!!! What’s more fascinating than a free education provided by the government itself?


It has got 85 public colleges providing the best education to all its students. It has got best research facilities, more employment opportunities, better infrastructure and what not! Bachelor’s degree consists of 6 semesters and master’s degree consists of 4 semesters. Before enrolling in any university, you should check best courses offered by them, their international value, and of course the tuition fees. France is basically known as a Business hub. So from the title itself, we can assume about the top French course and also from the analysis itself we got to know that Management is the top most favorite course in France.

Study Management / MBA in France:

With an ever booming economy, France is an ideal study abroad destination for business and management students. The capital Paris has the perfect blend of opportunities of Universities and career aspects. If you want to move out of the Paris, then southern France is something you should be looking at.

Management is the top favorite among all the courses. One can do specialization in different fields such as Entrepreneurship, project management, strategic management and general management. Nine out of fifty colleges are included among the best colleges in Europe. Yes, you heard it right this is not the end, the best business schools in France also appear in world’s top best B-schools. And we will provide a list of those famous B-schools to study MBA in France:

  • HEC Paris
  • ESSEC Business School
  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business
  • EDHEC Business School


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Study Engineering in France:

The French Engineering Universities are very competitive when it comes to the admission process. However, it can be easily justifiable when you think about the higher teaching standards and quality practical training at Engineering Universities in France. Yes, they emphasise equally on both the aspects of technical education, the academic and practical training. This is the reason of high research output in Top Universities in France.


How can one forget about engineering which is stated as the most difficult course in the Guinness book of world record? It is still that much popular course among students. The Most trending course nowadays. Great French companies like Airbus, Alcatel, and Alstom in the field of Aviation, Telecommunication, and Gas Turbines attract the students for future employment. Some great universities which are offering best courses are as follows:

  • Ecole Centrale de Lyon
  • Ecole Polytechnique
  • Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA)
  • Ecole Centrale de Paris
  • Grenoble INP, Grenoble Institute of Technology


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Study Pure Science in France:

Always ahead in the science fields of Chemistry and Physics, France is home to excellent Science and Research Universities. Paris again, is the hub to pure sciences, but not limited to the place. Simply saying, you will find a well renowned Pure Sciences French Universities across the France, no matter where you go. It is a great mix of historical traditions and modern times.


As discussed above, France has got the best research facility which encourages it encourages their students in the field of physics and chemistry to become best Chemists and Physicists like that of Louis Pasteur, Marie and Pierre Curie and André-Marie Ampere. Maximum winners of Nobel Prize belong to this country. Here’s a list of some universities which you can go if you want to pursue this particular course:


Study Linguistics in France

Globally, Study in France is known for its excellent linguistic programs. Linguistics simply mean the studies of Language. It contains the origin and history of the language, how it is used, learnt and formed over the years. The field of linguistics is useful for the candidates who are in journalism, translation, language research and many more. The courses are usually made of syntax, grammar, pronunciation, and phonetics.  Here is a list of best language schools in France where you can study:

  • ISIT France
  • University of Kent – Paris Campus
  • University of Reims
  • Lille Catholic University

Study Philosophy in France:

France has given the world great thinkers. The nation itself being a perfect mixture of history, modernisation, diversity and its closeness to the traditional French roots, makes a perfect place to study Philosophy. Across the country, there are many top Universities in France to pursue philosophy, and here is the list of the best of them. Unsurprisingly, Paris has the best ones!

  • Pantheon-Sorbonne University
  • Ecole Normale Superieure
  • Sorbonne University

These are the top French courses trending nowadays. Other courses are Culinary Arts, Fashion designing and Hotel management. You can choose any course depending upon your interest. Because at the end interest in subject matters. But 1 thing is sure that you will have great exposure; you will learn many new things by staying in a multicultural nation like France.

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