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GMAT stands for Graduate Management Aptitude Test. As the name suggests, the test is for the management and business students who are willing to study at the business schools across the world. GMAT Exam is one of the widely accepted exams by the business schools of the world, and subsequently, it is one of the most widely taken exams in the world. If you are a graduate student or a working professional looking forward to appearing for a GMAT, here is all the information you will need about the registration process of GMAT. For more information on the Exam, you can check out the links given below.

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GMAT Registraion

How to Register for GMAT Exam?

GMAT registration can be done throughout the year. However, you should frame a strategy for the GMAT preparation before you register for GMAT. GMAT registration can be done in both online and offline mediums. You can give the exam anytime in the year as per your convenience. However, since the number of applicants is increasing every year, it is advisable that you do not wait until the last moment to register for GMAT. You should book the slot at least a month before the desired date of making the attempt. Especially, during the peak season of November every year, one should try to book the slot 3-4 months prior to the desired date of making the attempt.

You should note that the rescheduling of the next attempt can be done only after 16 days of taking the first attempt.

Steps to register for GMAT 2019-20 online:

1. Visit the authorized GMAT official website’s registration page at

Gmat Exam Page

2. After logging onto the GMAT official website, you are required to fill in the required basic information such as name, address etc.

Login into GMAT official website

3. You will be asked more of your Personal Details on the next page, along with the address, Date of Birth, Preferred way of Communication (SMS or Phone), Which Courses and Countries are you interested in, and so on. After that, you will verify if all the details you have put are correct. You will be redirected to a page that will show your nearest test centres based on the address you have put in.

Gmat Exam test centres

4. Next, you choose the date you want to appear for the exam, or it can show you the next session available for the exam as seen below:

Gmat Exam Appointment

5. Once you choose your test dates and time, you will have to make the online payment in the next step. The GMAT fee is $250. You can make online payment through credit card, debit card, or net banking; according to your convenience.

Gmat Exam Payment

Keep in mind that once you place the order, you will have a limited amount of time (15 minutes or so) to complete the payment. After payment, you will receive a confirmation of the exam date and test centre via your mode of communication.

Other Modes of GMAT Registration:

1. GMAT Registration by Phone:

You can register for your GMAT examination via phone also. That will cost $10 extra surcharge for registering the exam through phone.

2. GMAT Registration by Post:

You can register for your GMAT exams through postal mail, too. The payment of the fees will be the same as online, and will have to be paid by cheque.

Rescheduling & Cancelling GMAT Exam:

  • If you want to cancel the exam before 7 days of the scheduled date, you are eligible for a refund of $80
  • For Rescheduling, one has to pay $50 fees before 7 days of the exam to change the date of the exam.
  • For rescheduling the exam within 7 days of the scheduled date, you will have to pay $250.
  • Both Cancelling and Rescheduling can be done online or offline, though one has to pay $10 surcharge more for the services on the phone, additionally to the costs mentioned above.

There are also services and accommodation facilities available at the test centres for the physically disabled candidates. All one has to do is provide the GMAC with supporting health documents which will be kept secret by the authorities. For All the registration fees and their detailed breakup, head on to: GMAT Exam Fees 

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