GMAT Exam Dates

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GMAT is one of the most taken entrance exams in the world. It stands for Graduate Management Aptitude Test, and as the name suggests, it is taken by the candidates who are willing to attend business and management courses like MBA in universities across the world. Here, we are talking about the Exam Dates and Booking for GMAT Exam. For all the other information on GMAT, Read:

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GMAT Dates

When to take the GMAT?

There are no fixed dates released for the GMAT Exam. The candidates can apply for the GMAT when it is convenient for them. However, depending on the region they are in, they have to choose from the dates available for the GMAT Test Centers they are choosing.

There will be changes in the dates available and holidays depending on the regions, too. Therefore it is always advisable to be aware and ahead of the dates available for the test center one will be taking their exam at.

As we have already mentioned, the GMAT scores are admission requirements for a number of business schools across the globe. Therefore, one is required to present the GMAT Scores before the admission committee of the university. The process of GMAT booking, Registration, GMAT Exam Fee payment, and the results will take approximately 20 days. Here are some sample questions of GMAT: GMAT Sample Questions

In short, the best time to take the GMAT exam is before 20 days or a month to one’s university application. If you are someone who is going to Study Abroad, the process should start even earlier, as, after the admission, they will also be applying for a visa. One should also keep in mind that there might be a possibility of retaking the exam in case of an undesired result. There are some rules to retake the GMAT Exam:

GMAT Slot Booking at a GMAT Test Center

One has to book the GMAT online on the official GMAT website. The Slots are available for morning and evening slots. However, that can vary with your region and timezone. The Test centers for GMAT are available all over the world in more than 100 countries.

GMAT Retake and Number of Attempts

In cases that you do not get the desired results in the first attempt at GMAT, you should not be disappointed. One can re-appear for the test to get desired GMAT Scores. However, there are some rules to that:

  • There has to be a gap of 16 days between two attempts of the GMAT Exam.
  • One can appear for the exam 5 times in a period of 12 months.
  • The lifetime limit of the attempts for GMAT for one candidate is 8 times.
 Gap Between Two Attempts  16 Days 
 Maximum Attempts for a Year  5 Attempts 
 Lifetime GMAT Attempt Limit  8 Attempts 


The Scores are released in three weeks of the test dates. Here are some useful tips to score well: How to get 700 on GMAT?

GMAT Exam fees for most parts of the world are around $250-$280. The fee for rescheduling the exam is $50. Make sure you are looking for the exam in advance and understand the timeslots and date availability well before your university application deadlines approach.

The full list of GMAT test centers all over the world and the seat availability can be found on the GMAT official site i.e.

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