Study in Canada has become one lucrative choice among international students. After completion of the course or program, you can apply for post-study work permit allowing stay back in Canada for international students. in Canada Here is all you need to know about Stay Back in Canada, along with the rules and requirements for Stay Back in Canada:

Stay Back Options in Canada after Studies

International students graduating from Universities in Canada can stay back in Canada there to take up several employment opportunities available. Work permit after masters in Canada can be taken by international students. There are different choices for stay back in Canada. Like, the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program that offers you a stay back in Canada after studies with a work permit for up to 3 years depending on the course duration. Stay back period in Canada after studies is a big advantage to the international students which will boost their career extremely. Work permit in Canada after post-graduation is the main attraction of many overseas students.

For example, stay back in Canada after 1 year course will be subjective to eligibility for 1-year stay back  in Canada. Similarly, if you complete a 2-year full-time course or study program, stay back in Canada for up to 3 years is allowed.


To Stay Back in Canada after studies, there are two eligibility criteria one should fulfil. The student either should graduate from a college or university that is a DLI (Designated Learning Institute), or they receive the notification that they are eligible to receive a graduate degree from their respective institute.

 Stay Back in Canada

Stay Back in Canada after PG Diploma and Bachelors:

The PG Diploma courses can be of two to three years, and the bachelors in Canada are usually four years. Stay back in Canada after a diploma will be allowed as long as the program itself. Anything longer than that will allow you to stay back in Canada for 3 years. The same stands for the Bachelor’s Degrees. So the answer to the question as to how long can international students stay in Canada after graduation is totally depending on the duration of the course.

Stay Back in Canada after Masters:

A large number of international students choose Canada for their post graduation studies every year. Most of the Masters programs in Canada are of One to two Years. If you apply for the course which is for one year, you will be eligible for One year stay back in Canada and for Two years Masters in Canada, the stay back would be of 3 years. In short, regardless of the degrees,stay back period in Canada after masters depend on the duration of the program you studied in there.

A post-study work permit is one of the best facilities provided by the Canadian government to the international students because it gives an immense opportunity to gain work experience. It also helps you to apply for permanent residence if you don’t wish to move from Canada.

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International students who have completed their study can opt to work full-time because they still have their valid study visa. Meanwhile, they can apply for temporary citizenship in Canada with the post-graduation work permit.

As stated earlier, if you wish to opt for permanent residence in Canada, you can do so because this gives you permission to live, study and work anywhere in Canada apart from providing you with a number of social benefits.
Now there are certain rules and regulations. The discussion below might help you to get a rough idea before you delve deep into the matter and conclude on your stay back after study in Canada.

  • If you have completed any course from a reputed Canadian institute with a duration of 2 years and you also have a work experience of 1 year in the any skilled position, you are eligible to apply for a permanent residence ship under a system called Canadian Experience Class.

  • You can also be subjective for an eligibility to permanent residentship through another system which is known as Provincial Nominee Program.

  • A point system has been introduced in the new regulation effective from November 2016. According to this system, an international student is entitled to earn 15 points if he or she completes a full time one year to two-year degree program after secondary education.

  • If you complete a full-time Master’s program or if you have enrolled yourself for a doctoral fellowship, or you have completed any course program of a duration of 3 years at a post-secondary level you are eligible to earn 30 points.

Summary of Stay Back in Canada Duration:

Duration of Course Duration of Stay Back in Canada
Less Than 8 Months No Stay Back Allowed
More than 8 Months & Less than 2 Years As Long as the Duration of the Course
2 Years or More than 2 Years 3 Years of Stay Back


Eligibility Criteria for Application for a Post-study Work Permit

  • You are 18 years old

  • At least studied for last eight months without a break in Canada.

  • Have completed any type of full-time degree program from reputed Canadian institutes

  • You have the authorization letter or document for successful completion of your degree program from the Institute

  • Make sure to apply for the work permit within 3 months of the completion of your study program.

  • Make sure that you have a valid study visa while applying for this work permit.

Here we have discussed Canada stay back option for international students. Many international students take benefit of work permit in Canada after masters.

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