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List of Universities in Italy

This is an exciting time to study abroad, in Italy, but why? For a very long time now Italy has dominated the world stage in higher education. Some of the very first universities were established in Italy, like the University of Bologna, founded in 1088. The Bologna Process, an essential reform in higher studies, which is being adopted all over Europe now, was first implemented by Italy. Its universities have been performing well in QS World rankings, for example, the Università degli Studi di Firenze in Florence, and the Università di Pisa in Pisa, Università di Bologna (194), The Sapienza University of Rome (216), Politecnico di Milano (244), Università di Roma in Rome. The best part is that this country provides education at affordable costs. International students are also eligible for the same scholarships and grants as accorded to local students

At some universities, an exam to prove proficiency in the Italian language may be required. Many institutes, especially those with upcoming graduate programmes have a lot of courses that offer English as a medium of language, which is good news for people who’re not very sure of their Italian. The completion of a primary degree required for admission is of course necessary. There are around 32,000 international students in Italy. The visa is mostly free, but at times a processing fee may be charged. Rome, Milan, Pisa, Bologna, all are known for being the student cities of the country. Average fees are between €850 and €1,000 (~US$900-1,060) per year at public universities in Italy, it differs from place to place, while doctoral candidates would be granted funds from the university. €12,000-18,000 (~US$12,740-19,120) per year is the basic living cost, including transport, accommodation, food, entertainment and other expenses. Therefore, keep confusions at bay and apply for studying in Italy, the country that gave birth to the grand roman civilization!