Banking & Finance in Italy

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Banking & Finance Universities in Italy

The Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance or BFSI sector is an important part of world business. Even though the sector faced a few shocks in the first decade of the 21st century, it has now recovered and is offering extremely lucrative job opportunities. With globalized economies operating, international students need programs that can help them develop broad perspectives and truly value add in their careers. In such a modern day environment some of the best BFSI programs can be found in Italy.

Italy boasts the origin of modern banking in from during the Renaissance. The oldest operational bank in the world, the largest bank in Europe, and the one of the top ten largest banks in the world all are Italian banks. Consequently there is a huge opportunity for students of banking, and finance in Italy at the moment.

Italy’s banking sector is going through major changes and reforms at the moment. This means that learning in Italy will put you in the midst of the action and provide you with enriching learning experiences. The banking and finance programs of Italy have a pedagogy that puts them amongst the top in the world. A significant inflow of international students makes for a steep learning curve which is what makes these some of the best banking and finance courses in Europe. 

Italy’s banking and finance programs are looked as some of the best banking and finance courses in Europe. A large number of these courses are offered all over Italy, and with various languages being spoken in Italy, international students usually prefer Italy over other European countries. Also the low average cost of learning ensures that education does not end up as a huge financial burden. Be sure to go through the list of programs to find the best match for you.


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