The world’s most favorite tourist destination is rapidly converting into the world’s favorite Study Abroad destination. Study in Switzerland not only provides a happening and safe student life, but also excellent academic credentials and research opportunities. If you want to study in Universities in Switzerland, and are worried about the tuition fees in Swiss Universities, here are two of the fully-funded study abroad scholarships, which will make your Study in Switzerland effectively free:

Study in Switzerland for FREE

1. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are awarded every year for doctoral, post-doctoral, and research-based studies to the international students studying in Switzerland. It is one of the largest scholarships worldwide, as it is awarded to students from 180 countries willing to carry their research and doctoral/post-doctoral Ph.D. in Switzerland.

  • Host Universities in Switzerland- Any of 10 Cantonal Universities in Switzerland, and federal Institutes, or public research and teaching institutes.
  • Level of Study - Doctoral and Post-Doctoral study in Switzerland or research in any discipline.
  • Scholarships Include -The scholarship includes tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses, airfare allowance for a maximum of 3 years. A country-wise allowances list can be found on the scholarship website.
  • Deadline for Application - Between September-December, annually.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A Master’s Degree, completed before the September of the application year.
  • Candidate must be born after 31 December 1983
  • A letter of acceptance from a professor/university who is hosting the program
  • Must have  a research proposal including a timeframe
  • Necessary Language skills
  • Applicants who have been in Switzerland for one year before September of that year are not eligible.​

2. ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship Program

ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship Program consists of two scholarships: the Master Scholarship Programme (MSP) and the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP). It is for the candidates who want to pursue a master’s in Switzerland at ETH Zurich.

  • Host Universities in Switzerland - ETH Zurich in Switzerland
  • Level of Study - Eligible Master’s Program at ETH Switzerland.
  • Deadline of Application-15 December, annually.

Scholarships Include:

  • ESOP (Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme):
  • The ESOP scholarship includes a tuition Fee Waiver, living and study expenses (CHF 11000 per Semester)
  • MSP (Master Scholarship Programme):
  • The MSP scholarship includes a tuition Fee Waiver, partial living and study expenses (CHF 6000 per Semester), OR an assistantship from the second semester.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates who are eligible and accepted for a Master’s program at ETH Zurich.
  • It is open for both national and international students who want to study in Switzerland
  • The candidate must have scored well in the bachelor’s program, preferably in the top 10% of the class, or grade A scores.
  • It is open for the students who have graduated with a bachelor’s from ETH Zurich, too.

Apart from these, there are many public and University-funded scholarships to study at Universities in Switzerland for international students. With the right research and execution, you can be the one to study in Switzerland for free, in a top-ranked Swiss University.


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