Duolingo Syllabus

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The Duolingo English Test meets the admission requirements for international students for many abroad universities. You can take the test from your home at your convenience. You don’t need to make an appointment and travel to the test centre. The test is usually computer-scored however, a human reviewer will watch a recording after your test completes.

Duolingo Syllabus

Duolingo syllabus is not much complicated or limited. You can take help of any English material to practice. You should first understand what type of questions are asked then preparing accordingly. Here we have mentioned the complete details of it :

The adaptive test

Once you start the exam, you will have to complete an adaptive test. This is a graded or scored section of the Duolingo test. This evaluates your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of the English language. Here, you will be required to complete different types of short tests.

1. Type the missing letters to complete the sentences
Here you will see some letters missing in the words of the given paragraph. You have to complete these missing letters.

2. Recording yourself saying a written sentence
In this part, you will see a sentence on the screen. You have to speak that sentence and record yourself. This checks your speaking abilities.

3. Describe the image in writing
In this task, you will come across an image on the screen. You need to describe the image in one or more sentences by writing in the given text box. There is no word limit in it.

4. Select the Real English words from the given list
Here you have to listen to the words one by one and select the words which are Real ones. 

5. Read the written words and select the real ones
It is similar to the previous task, but the difference is that you will have to read the word instead of listening. Select all the words which you think are proper English. Ignore the ones which are not real ones.

6. Type the statement that you hear
This task checks your listening as well as writing skills in the English language. You have to type the sentences that you hear

7. Write the answer in at least 50 words
Here you need to read the question on the screen and answer it with a minimum of 50 words. This task evaluates your writing skills.

8. Verbally answering a spoken question
Here you have, answer the questions by speaking. You have to speak for a minimum of 30 seconds about the question. Answer all the questions properly and clearly as your answers will be recorded.

The video interview and writing test

After the completion of the adaptive test, you will have to record a video interview and complete a writing test. This section of the exam will not be counted in your final scores but will be available to any institutions that receive your score. 

1. The video interview
For the video interview, you will be given two topics. You have to select one and talk about it for one to three minutes. Once selected, a timer for three minutes will start, and you can talk about your chosen topic for as long as you would like within this time limit. 

2.The writing test
For the writing test, you will be required to choose one out of two topics to write about for three to five minutes. Your timer will start once you select your topic.

Preparation of Duolingo Syllabus

There is no particular syllabus for the Duolingo exam. It checks all the 4 skills, writing, reading, listening, speaking at the same time. You just have to practice doing it with whatever material you get. For example:

  • Reading some, high-level material like international magazines, newspapers, and practising writing regularly will help you in honing your skills. 
  • Additionally, you can watch English movies and try to copy them.
  • Have a conversation with people having English as their native language. 
  • You can also practice through a lot of free resources online for the Duolingo English Test.

This is the most affordable English certification test. This is acceptable by many of the universities all over the world for admission purposes. Practice well and get through it.

All the best..!!