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If you want to study in Canada and not sure about where to start, we have picked top 20 Universities to Study Abroad in Canada. This List of Universities in Canada are of Top 20 Universities for the country according to QS world rankings and Times Higher Education Ranking.

Canada has emerged as an immigration friendly nation in last few years, and the number of international students keep on increasing year after another. The Universities have a simple and transparent admission process, and so does Canada student Visa or SDS process to start your Study Abroad in Canada journey. The first step would be to opt for a course in a University. That is why we bring you the best of Canadian Universities for international students.

Top 20 Ranking Universities in Canada 2019-2020

How are the Universities ranked?

The QS Rankings are survey-based rankings. The website surveys a significant number of education experts to rank the University. The quality of teaching is a big deciding factor, too.

Times Higher Education on the other hand, relies on the research output and papers published by the Universities. Apart from these factors, both the ranking websites have different factors like international outlook of the Universities, desirability of students and employability after the programs. There are subject wise lists, too.

Universities in Canada Ranking that feature in world rankings

No. Top 20 Universities in Canada QS World Rankings 2020 THE University Rankings
1 University of Toronto, Ontario 29
2 McGill University, Montreal 35 42
3 University of British Columbia 51 34
4 University of Alberta 113 136
5 McMaster University 140 72
6 University of Montreal 137 85
7 University of Waterloo 173 201-250
8 The University of Western Ontario 211 201-250
9 University of Calgary 233 201-250
10 Queen's University at Kingston 239 251-300
11 Simon Fraser University 314 251-300
12 Dalhousie University 280 251-300
13 University of Ottawa 281 141
14 University of Victoria (UVIC) 364 401-500
15 Laval University 416 251-300
16 University of Saskatchewan 439 401-500
17 Concordia University 462 601-800
18 York University 511-520 401-500
19 University of Quebec 561-570 601-800
20 University of Guelph 571-580 501-600

Honourable mentions:

These are just handful of the Universities that we have listed here. There are many prestigious Universities in Canada apart from the listed above. Some of them are University of Manitoba, Carleton University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of Windsor and University of Sherbrooke. The list goes on and no matter where you go, world-class education is something universal at Universities in Canada.

Few points about Top 5 universities of Canada

  • University of Toronto

The University of Toronto's campus has several historic buildings and courtyards. The university is one of the world’s top research-intensive institution, directed towards innovating and inventing. It offers more than 700 undergraduate degrees in  Life Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, Commerce & Management, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science, Kinesiology & Physical Education, Music Engineering and Architecture and 200 postgraduate degrees and the university is one of the best in the world for medicine. 

  • McGill University

The oldest university in Montreal, McGill University is one of the most internationally diverse institutions in Canada. It initiated the nation’s first faculty of medicine and till now university ranks specifically high in world rankings for clinical subjects. This university is included in the 3 English language universities in Quebec. It provides more than 300-degree subjects to around  31,000 students coming from 150 nations. 

  • University of British Columbia

the University of British Columbia is the oldest university in the province. The university offers undergraduate degree programs, postgraduate degree programs, joint academic programs, exchange programs, and distance education programs. The long list of subjects incorporates under these programs that give students the opportunity to select among the different subjects according to their area of interest. 

  • University of Alberta

It is an open research university. The University of Alberta offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as credential and exchange programmes. Also, a Professional Development Course is run by the university that helps students to develop a better understanding of the curriculum. In addition, its student exchange program lets students learn under industry experts and faculty members from other universities, as well as gain practical knowledge about their field of interest.

  • McMaster University 

McMaster University is among the only four universities in Canada that has been ranked consecutively in the top 100 by major global rankings. Its medical school is reputed and there are also faculties of business, engineering, social sciences, humanities and science. The university put more stress on research work to target some of the most urgent needs in society, particularly in the field of health sciences. Students and faculties come from more than 90 countries and the university have around 70 international exchange agreements with universities across the world. 

Top ranking Universities in Canada for Masters:

Universities in Canada are some of the most renowned institutions all over the world. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are some of the best cities for Masters in Canada. The Cost for Masters in Canada is much lower more affordable than the undergraduate programs. Few top universities in Canada for masters are listed below:

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster University

How to Apply at Universities in Canada:

When you want to study Masters in Canada, the first step is to look for a course that matches your background and interests. Most of the Universities in Canada have an online application process, especially when it comes to international students.

The application process also requires some supporting documents like SOP and LORs. The other requirements are of the tests like GMAT/GRE and IELTS/TOEFL.

You Find out about the Application Process here: How to Apply in Canadian University/College for 2020?

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