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Ireland is an easy study abroad destination for Indian students as well as international students from other countries. A large number of international students flock to Ireland for higher studies, for different education programs which range from Masters, Post graduate degree to doctoral programs. Ireland is also a great place for living.

Study in Ireland

Study English in Ireland

English is a major reason that most of the students from different parts of the world interested to study Masters Program or degree courses in Ireland. English the major language of instructions of all type of courses in Ireland. Ireland is more than merely an English speaking country for Indian Students. Student life in Ireland is qualitative and quantitative in terms of high quality of education, blissful environment, in a warm and amicable hospitable population. Although Ireland is the home town to the 4.6 million British Isles, with Irish as mother tongue, English is main language of education, and living.

Living in Ireland

This is very important for international students who decide to study higher education in Ireland, rather any country. When the living atmosphere is not comfortable, students may suffer a lot. All work and no play don’t apply to students who fly down to Ireland for higher education degree. Ireland, being an Island is a charming destination. Student life in Ireland is literally joyful. Why should you be book worm, when the Island has plentiful options to explore the bliss of the country? Living in Ireland, as a student or working after graduation makes life joyful.

Research Institutes in Ireland

When students think related study abroad Ireland, obviously it gives lots of scope for research. Indeed, Ireland makes a great place for research programs. Ireland has many universities ranked in the list of world’s top universities. Ireland is one of the countries with extensive research fields, which is listed in the top 1% of the global research venues. Irish Government invests in world class research centers. 12% of the country’s population counts on International students, from 160 countries. Ireland has quite a few top leading education and research centers.

Universities in Ireland

Have you heard about the oldest college of the country, which is indeed listed one of the leading universities in the world? It ages more than 500 years, which is none other than Trinity College. Universities and colleges in Ireland such as Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT Ireland) hold great responsibility in local as well as international students. Ireland stands as a great example with a global reputation for several post graduate, masters and research programs. You won’t be asked to make the weekly assignments or typical high school or summer classes. Students will learn in through comprehensive lectures, tutorials, and trainings.

Higher education from graduation to doctoral research programs in Ireland for Indian students as well students from other countries are internationally ranked and committed to excellence. Students can choose from plenty of fields and pursue the degree courses with flair.

Best courses to study in Ireland

Ireland offers a plethora of course the students who are willing to study in Ireland, and the Education system in the Universities are as excellent as any European country. Here are some of the courses that Ireland is known for, and if you are interested in the field and want to study further, Ireland is the place. Read about the Top Courses on offer to study in Ireland.

Student Life in Ireland

What about the life of a student in Ireland? Ireland offers comfortable living for students with no hassles. Rooted deeply to tradition, culture and history, and appreciable environment, surrounded by nature, students find living in Ireland, welcoming. It is not just a beautiful island, but also a safe place to purse higher studies.

Students can learn the culture and practices of the people. Although Ireland is an English speaking country, there is an ocean of difference between England and Ireland. Studying in Ireland enriches your cultural experience. Irish Government also offers a lot of facilities to the students. Students can stay connected with fellow students and Irish people in many ways.

Working while studying in Ireland

Generally, all study abroad destinations let international students work for few hours a week for financial support. It also enables students to gain practical exposure and working experience. 4

International students who engaged in a full time study in Ireland, for a minimum of one year, which is recognized by Irish Department of Education need not require work permit. Other than this, students with valid immigration stamp 2, permission are permitted with the option working while studying, only for 40 hours per week, which is full time in Ireland.

Immigration is mandatory requirement to get work permit. However, it applies only in the months between June to September. Besides, students are also allowed to work between December 15 to January 15. Other than this, students can also take internship in the workplace or businesses associated with the study institutions.

Post Study Work Permit in Ireland

Some of the students may plan to settle after graduation or post graduation in Ireland.  Working after graduation in Ireland is possible for Indian students and students from other nations. You have to register under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme to seek employment in Ireland. Once getting approval, the graduates can work full time in Ireland, 40 hours a week.

Ireland is the famous and the most preferred destination when it comes to study abroad. In the ancient days, during 6th century Ireland earned a title with respect to education. Study abroad Ireland is a dream for Indian students who wish to pursue high education, enroll in post graduate or master degree programs. Ireland was called “Land of Saints and Scholars”. Ireland was the heart of the learning in the whole European continent. In the year 1592, Trinity College Dublin was awarded with the first University and Charter Status. Towards the end of 18th century, during 1795, two universities were found in Ireland.

High school and graduate study in Ireland has a high reputation, appreciation and great respect for learning. Ireland is ranked the first country in Europe which turned 1000 inhabitants into graduate degree holders. Two-third population in Ireland goes for higher education, beyond basic graduation degree. About 85% population completes high school education.

Being one of the countries with high education ration, Ireland is mostly preferred by international students, from various sectors to purse masters programs or post graduation degrees.

Stay Back Option in Ireland

study in Ireland. International students pursuing Master’s Program can stay up to two years in Ireland after their study program is over and they are looking for an extension in study program or work. Find out all the information about Stay back and work in Ireland after studies:

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