Masters in Ireland

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Located on one of the most western parts of the Europe, Ireland is one of the rapidly emerging study abroad destinations. Masters in Ireland is prestigious and affordable option for the higher education. International students should be looking more towards the UK’s fun loving, affordable and respected academic neighbour. Here is all you need to know about Masters in Ireland:

Masters in Ireland

Masters in Ireland for International Students

Eight of the Universities in Ireland feature among the top university ranking for the universities all around the world. They are some of the most respected and prestigious Universities of Europe. For international students, Masters in Ireland provides an international level of education, tremendous research facilities, and the opportunities after studies.

Part Time Masters in Ireland: Irish Universities offer number of part time courses for the students who want to work along with their studies, or the ones who want to pursue their Masters in Ireland online. The opportunities for the part time masters in Ireland are just as much as the traditional courses, and they are offered by the same prestigious universities. For Example, you can pursue a Part time Masters at Trinity College Dublin, the top ranked universities in Ireland.

Top Universities in Ireland for Masters

As we have been raving about them, the Universities in Ireland are quite renowned and they hold certain quality throughout the levels of study. Here is the list of top Universities, according to QS and THE university rankings for the world:

Ireland Top Universities:


QS Rankings

THE University Ranking

Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin



University College Dublin (UCD)



National University of Ireland



University College Cork



Dublin City University



University of Limerick



Maynooth University



Dublin Institute of Technology



Best Masters in Ireland

At these top universities in Ireland, one can apply for a range of courses available for the Masters. From Management to Arts, and Engineering to Pure sciences, there are courses to pursue Masters in Ireland for international students. Here are the top courses to pursue Masters in Ireland:

Requirements for Masters in Ireland

How to apply for the universities in Ireland for international students? Here is how:

The application process for the universities in Ireland is done online. Along with the application, there are some supporting documents that you need to provide, for a successful application. The requirements will be different for different courses and universities, but here is a general idea about the documents required:

Masters and MS in Ireland Requirements

  • A Valid Passport
  • Passport size Photographs
  • Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Previous Diploma and Certificates
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Mark Sheets and Transcripts of previous academics

Ireland Universities IELTS Requirements: For Masters in Ireland, the IELTS requirements are 6.5 bands. 6.5 bands are also enough for the visa purposes in Ireland, too. Universities, based on the course requirements, can ask you for more bands, or accept you for lower scores also.

Master’s Degree in Ireland Cost

The course fees for Masters in Ireland are different for the EU/EEA students, and non-EU students. Here are the cost of Masters in Ireland for both EU and Non-EU students:

For EU Students, the fees in the Universities for Masters is around €4000 to €9000, while the non-EU students will have to pay anywhere from the €9000 to €37000, with the most expensive courses being MBA and medicine.

To know more about the cost of study in living in Ireland: Cost of Living and Studying in Ireland

Study in Ireland Scholarships

There are Scholarships and Grants for Masters Students in Ireland, to help you with the monetary aspects of the studies. Along with the scholarships, the student loans are also there, and are a great way to fund the education abroad. Here are some of the Scholarships for the Masters.

  • SEFS Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Food Science
  • Maynooth University John and Pat Hume Doctoral Awards Scheme for International Students
  • MSc Scholarships for International Students
  • International Scholarships at National College of Ireland

Here is the list of all the Scholarships in Ireland for international students.

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