GMAT Preparation

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Many business schools in the world have one common requirement. GMAT scores to get an admission. GMAT stands for Graduate Management Aptitude Test. To know more about GMAT, click on the links below:

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GMAT Preparation

Verbal Reasoning Section

Verbal section You need to have good preparation to score well in the GMAT exam. GMAT preparation needs good concentration and dedication. You either opt for self-study or join a coaching center according to your convenience. You can also go for online GMAT prep with many websites providing excellent GMAT prep materials. GMAC has its own official study guide and free GMAT prep software for the preparation of the exam. Below are a few GMAT preparation tips which will help you to form a good GMAT preparation strategy.

The GMAT Verbal section is designed to assess your command of written English, and ability to analyze arguments read critically

GMAT Tips:

Practice reading comprehension: You need to practice a lot of reading comprehension. The efficient way to solve comprehension is by taking one question at a time and breaking the passage into parts. You can note down the points which seem relevant to the answer and then select the best possible answer for the question. This will help you to understand the passages clearly during the time of the GMAT exam.

Learn Grammar: It is important to have clarity in grammatical concepts in GMAT. Practice the modifiers and prepositions. You need to pay more attention to the sentence correction type of questions. You need to have a good ability for logical application and to comprehend the given statements.

Reading effectively: you should read a lot of books for the GMAT verbal prep.  You should read the editorial column of the newspaper daily to improve your language skills.

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Analytical Writing Assessment

In this section, you are required to critically analyze the statements given by the author. This section will have topics, on which the candidate will have to write, or a passage may be given and the candidates have to answer the questions based on it.

Tips to crack

1. Create a template for your essay: Make drafts or templates for your essay as this is one of the fastest tricks to write essays without any errors. Then choose the draft which is the most feasible for you.

2. Practice essay writing: You should practice writing as many as many sample essays as possible. You need to give direction to your essay. You need to analyze your arguments and see whether they are valid or not. You should support your arguments with examples. Then you can give your essay a final shape by noting down your points.

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Integrated Reasoning

The Integrated Reasoning section measures your ability to make judgments, organize and combine data to solve challenges.

Tips to crack

1. Get familiar with the test format: You need to get familiar with the GMAT test format to be able to understand the questions properly and manage your time during the exam.

2. Practice graph: This section involves graphs so practice the Venn diagrams, charts, and tables. You should learn how to analyze the graphs. You will be able to save time if you are able to properly understand the graph.

3. Solve sample papers: you should solve as many practice papers as possible. They will help you to get to know the type of questions in the exam. It is especially necessary to practice the integrated reasoning section as they have a variety of questions.

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Quantitative section

This section aims to assess your basic mathematical knowledge of concepts like arithmetic and number properties, algebra, and geometry.

Tips to crack

1. Focus on your weak areas: You need to find out your area of strengths and weaknesses. You should not give more time than necessary to your strong area. You need to focus more on those areas in which you are not confident.

2. Clear your concepts: Practise your high-school maths as it is a possibility that you may have forgotten the concepts necessary for the exam. You need to re-do the basic maths and learn new tricks for solving the questions faster.

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General tips for GMAT preparation:

GMAT Sample Papers

To get access to GMAT sample questions and other GMAT mock tests online, you should register on GMAT official website. Make an account on and you can download free GMAT Prep Software from the website. You can start practicing with the help of these questions: GMAT Sample Questions

GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), the owner of the GMAT exam provides an 8-week study plan for the students who want to self-study. It is a set of suggestions and tips for students to follow, and prepare for the exam in eight weeks. It makes sure you make full use of the GMAT study materials and software available.

In addition to that, the website also has paid tools and software that run on your computer. They provide GMAT online sample questions and online test papers. Such tools are as listed below:

GRE Study Materials
Price Useful for
 1. GMAT Official Practice Questions 29.99  GMAT Practice Test Questions
 200 Quantitative
 24 Integrated Reasoning
 180 Verbal questions
 2. IR Prep Tool 19.99  Unique Integrated Reasoning GMAT questions
 3. GMAT Focus $29.99 (single)
 $79.99 (bundle of 3) 
 Real GMAT questions for Quantitative Questions
 4. GMAT Enhanced Score Report 30  Stats and information about your performances to better evaluate your GMAT scores and GMAT Score Calculator 
 5. GMAT Write 29.99  For Writing ability

GMAT Preparation Books:

You can start your GMAT study preparation with a complete Premium GMAT study collection. It comprises all online material and GMAT books. It includes six things as listed below:

  • IR Prep Tool
  • GMAT Prep Exam Pack 1
  • GMAT Prep Question Pack 1
  • GMAT Prep Exam Pack 2
  • GMAT Paper Tests Set I, II, and III
  • GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review
  • GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review
  • GMAT Focus Online Quantitative Diagnostic Tool, set of 3
  • GMAT Official Guide

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