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GMAT stands for Graduate Management Aptitude Test, which is one of the most widely taken entrance exams in the world. Some also take GRE as well, but before finalizing your exam you must know What's the Difference between GMAT and GRE? For the candidates who are willing to study in business schools with courses like MBA. If you are a business and/or management student, the GMAT might be one of the criteria you have to fulfill in order to get into a business school. Here, we are talking about the different types of fees and costs of the GMAT Exam. If you are interested in knowing more about the Exam, however, you can head on to one of the below:

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GMAT Exam Fees 

GMAT fees for students are normally $250. However, there are other charges and rescheduling costs that need to be considered before you register for the GMAT test. The GMAT fee structure is as given below:

 GMAT Fees:
 Change in GMAT exam date or Exam Centre  $50 
 Rescheduling before 7 Days of Exam 250
 Surcharge (in case of Phone Registration) 10


As one can see above, there are some charges for extra services that GMAT offers. These services include rescheduling or even canceling. Here are some of the costs one needs to understand before booking for the exam:

  • The exam fees for the GMAT exam depend on the geographical location of the test centers. In other words, students from different countries will have to pay different GMAT Exam Fees that range anywhere between $250 - $280 depending on the region.
  • If a candidate wants to reschedule the exam before 7 days of the scheduled date, the charges for the rescheduling will be $50.
  • The GMAT exam cannot be rescheduled on the day of the examination. If you want to reschedule it within 7 days of the date of the exam, the charges are $250.
  • If one is rescheduling GMAT over the call, there is an additional surcharge of $10 needed to be paid.

Payment Methods for GMAT Exam Fees:

  • The exam fees for the GMAT can be paid through credit and debit cards from VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB.
  • If while paying for the exam, for some reason your debit or credit card is declined, the exam is canceled and you will have to book for the GMAT again.
  • The statement from your bank will reflect the paid exam fees as “VUE*GRAD MGMT TEST”.
  • Do not use stolen/counterfeit cards in any case or claim a false dispute about the payment of the GMAT exam as GMAC can ban you from taking the exam in the future and contact the authorities.

One can also pay for GMAT via Cheques, Money Orders, and Personal Cheques. However, the candidates are advised to pay online, however, as the aforementioned modes of payment ask you to pay in US dollars and cheques should be from American banks. If one wants to still pay via offline modes, the payment should be addressed to Pearson VUE-GMAT. For that, some things to keep in mind are:

  • Put the current date in the cheque/document, not the post date.
  • Put in the right signatures.
  • Should have the Bank name and Branch Location printed on the face of the cheque.
  • Make sure that the cheque reaches at least 10 days before the appointment to allow time for processing. If the cheque is returned due to insufficient balance for some other reason, the candidate has to bear the service fees.

GMAT Gift Vouchers:

If one wants to gift their friends or family and inspire them to take the GMAT Exam, there is also a way. GMAT Gift Voucher is a $250 gift one can provide someone with to book for their GMAT Exam. It is electronically transferable.

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