Masters in Switzerland

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Switzerland has been one of the most economically stable countries in Europe, and the economy is not the only thing going great for the country. Studying in Switzerland is one of the most rewarding study abroad programs out there, with international recognition of the universities and their degrees. The standard of education and research is on par with any international destination. Every year, thousands of international students enrol into universities in Switzerland for both bachelors and masters programs. Here, we are talking about Masters in Switzerland, and everything around it that you should know:

Masters in Switzerland

Is Switzerland Good for Masters?

To answer this question in one word, yes. The country is one of the best places in the world for pursuing Masters. Nine of the universities in Switzerland feature among the top universities in the world by QS world ranking, we will talk more about Universities for Masters in Switzerland for international students. Some of the best courses one can enrol at these universities are Business & Administration, Economics, Fashion, Food and Beverage, Languages, Management and Engineering.

Study in Switzerland offers Multicultural Environment

You will never feel like a stranger studying in Switzerland. 25% of the people you will find in Switzerland are foreigners. The diversity you will find in Switzerland is just unbelievable. There are four official languages in Switzerland.

When you study in Switzerland, you will find people from different cultures and ethnicities, and make friends with them. With all the diversity around, you can learn new things about their cultures and exchange some of yours with them. It is always a learning experience, and it will work wonders for your personality.
Swiss Universities and Sports Culture

Universities in Switzerland or even the people, in general, have a great focus on sports and outdoor activities. Given the landscape of the country, skiing and hiking are two of the most favourite activities for Swiss.

When you study masters in Switzerland, it is impossible to not get hooked to this culture. People in Switzerland spend their weekends and free time doing such activities. There are snowy mountains in winters and the summers are for hiking. If you are someone who is not as extreme, you will find joggers all over the city to join and start moving.

Socially, Linguistically and Culturally Rich Country

As we have mentioned early, Switzerland has four official languages. Namely French, German, Italian and Romansh. The country believes in the overall growth of its citizens, as well as international students. The country believes in art, music, marathons and carnivals. You will never get bored no matter where you pursue your Masters in Switzerland.

Cities like Basel, Bern and Geneva are some of the most happening places, and you can read more about them here: Best Student Cities to Study in Switzerland

Universities in Switzerland

As we mentioned, the universities in Switzerland are some of the most prestigious and highly ranked universities abroad. If you are looking forward to pursuing a Masters degree in Switzerland, Here are some of the top universities in Switzerland for international students:

Universities in Switzerland QS World Ranking Times Higher Ranking
ETH Zurich 6 13
EPFL 18 38
University of Zurich 76 90
University of Geneva 110 144
University of Bern 123 113

Full list of Universities: Universities in Switzerland 

Master Degree in Switzerland in English

There are four official languages in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Now, when none of them is English, it is natural to worry about the language of the course you are going to study in Switzerland. Well fortunately, there is a large number of English-taught courses available in Switzerland for international students. You do not need to know any other languages mentioned above to study in Switzerland. You can go by just fine while it comes to studying and living in Switzerland.

Masters in Switzerland Cost

The cost of studying Masters in Switzerland varies from course to course and university to university. The cost of studying at some affordable universities can be anywhere 3,000 to 13,000 CHF for masters in Switzerland. Universities in Switzerland for MBA are some of the costlier, with the fees ranging from 30,000 CHF to 85,000 CHF. Again, it depends on the course and university you choose, the duration of the course and which city in Switzerland you are planning to study in. Find more on: cost of Study in Switzerland.

Funding for Masters in Switzerland

The funding to study in Switzerland for a master course has many aspects to it. First and foremost would be Tuition fees to be paid at the university. Students can pay these tuition fees with their own funds, from a close relative or sponsor, education loan, or a study abroad scholarship in Switzerland that we would talk below about. Apart from the tuition fees, there are additional courses like travel and insurance costs that one cannot avoid. The cost of living is something that would come after one reaches the country, but the funds to study in Switzerland need to be shown to the embassy, basically proving that you are able to sustain yourself during your stay.

Masters in Switzerland Scholarship

Talking about the Masters in Switzerland Cost, many international students opt from a large number of Masters in Switzerland scholarship available to them. Many universities, government entities and other organisations offer scholarships to both Swiss and international students. The scholarships can be need-based or merit-based and one is normally required to be applied right when you are applying to a university in Switzerland. Make sure you are aware of the eligibility criteria and benefits of the scholarships fully before applying.

Find out here: Study in Switzerland for FREE

Switzerland Universities for Masters in Engineering

Engineering is one of the most sought after programs in Switzerland, and at a large number of universities, one can enrol for Masters in Engineering. Here are some of the top Engineering courses like MS in Computer Science in Switzerland, along with the universities offering them:

Study Master in Switzerland for Free

With fully paid scholarships available to international students, it is very possible to Study in Switzerland for Free. Though they are some of the most competitive scholarships, there are plenty. Not only they help students with their tuition fees, but also with living costs in Switzerland. The fully paid scholarships can be available for both Bachelors and Masters in Switzerland. You can read more on fully paid scholarships here: Study in Switzerland for Free 

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