Medicine and HealthCare in Switzerland

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Medical Universities in Switzerland

Studying medical in Switzerland for International students may be like lifetime dream come true. Medical in Switzerland is quite competitive, even for Swiss Nationals. So, it makes it even more competitive for international students. However, medicine healthcare, and science courses are highly reputed globally.

Can international students study in Swiss medical schools?

Yes, international students can study in Switzerland, but with few limitations. As per the Higher Education Council, only a selected category of international students can be admitted. These include:

  • Liechtenstein citizens
  • International students(or their spouses/partners) with Swiss or Liechtenstein residence permit
  • International students coming from EU nations, Iceland, and Norway and who hold a Swiss work permit.
  • International students of any citizenship, whose parents are citizens of EU nations, Iceland, and Norway, and with a Swiss residence permit.
  • International students who have:
    1. A Swiss work permit that has been continued for 5 years
    2. A Swiss or cantonal baccalaureate
    3. A federal vocational baccalaureate, 
    4. Liechtenstein baccalaureate,
    5. nationally-recognized specialized baccalaureate
  • Spouse or partner of:
    1. A Swiss citizen
    2.  A foreigner with a Swiss or Liechtenstein residence permi
  • International students with parent/s who hold a Swiss residence permit or work permit that is uninterrupted for 5 years
  • Foreigner students with diplomatic status
  • Foreign students categorized as refugees in Switzerland

Top reasons to study in Switzerland

  • Switzerland has the top medical colleges in the world, best medical colleges in the European League. 
  • The medical colleges follow the French model to teach medicine healthcare for the students.
  • international students who get admission to study medicine in Switzerland get high knowledge and great skills.
  • Medical colleges in Switzerland offer the courses in a multilingual environment but also offered in English. 
  • Students who get admission to study medicine in Switzerland can choose from a wide range of science courses in the medical healthcare sector. 

Medicinal courses in Switzerland

Science courses come with a futuristic overview, which certainly helps international students to get an edge at the global level. They are allowed to choose medicine healthcare subjects namely general medical programs, veterinary, chiropractic, and dentistry. However, the general medical programs include a number of science courses. The choice of courses offered by the medical colleges ranges from general medical sciences like biology, anatomy to preclinical studies. These medical courses are followed by a specialization subject in healthcare.

Requirements to Study Medicine in Switzerland

The requirements for medical school differ with the Medical University in Switzerland and the courses you choose to study. However, the basic requirements are: 

  • a degree of at least 3 years in duration from a state-recognized university.
  • Language proficiency is also required depending on the university you choose(English, French, or German).
  • Required entrance exams

Medical colleges in Switzerland

The University of Basel, Faculty of Medicine, University of Berne, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Faculty of Medicine, University of Lausanne, Faculty of Medicine, and the University of Zürich, Faculty of Medicine are the top medical universities in Switzerland. These medical universities are listed in top universities in the world, reputed at the global level.

Medical curriculum in medical schools in Switzerland

Medicine education in Switzerland is in English, German, and French languages. The University of Basel offers courses in English. The University of Bern offers courses in German and the University of Geneva and Lausanne offer courses in French Languages. Medical education in Switzerland lasts for six years. Divided into:

  • Bachelor’s (3 years) - It covers the core subjects. At the end of the Bachelor’s degree, you must complete a four-week nursing internship before the end of the course.
  • Master’s (3 years) degrees-The Master’s degree in Human Medicine, on the other hand, teaches students the necessary scientific knowledge, skills, and abilities for clinical practice. At the end of the Master’s degree, you must undergo internship rotations and also submit a thesis.

Cost of studying medicine in Switzerland

The cost of living in Switzerland is very high. However, the cost of medical courses ranges from EUR 750 to EUR 3000 per semester based on the University or college you choose. Swiss Private universities usually have higher tuition fees that can reach 43,000 EUR per year. 


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