Medicine and HealthCare in Netherlands

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University of Twente

University of Twente

Location: enschede, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 10625 Masters: EUR 12250
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,
Maastricht University

Maastricht University

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 10000 Masters: EUR 13000
Entry Criteria: GRE ,IELTS MORE
Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Bachelors: EUR 10140 Masters: EUR 14967
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,

Medical Universities in Netherlands

The study of medical programs varies widely across the world. Netherlands is one of the best countries to study medicine in the world’s top medical universities. International students from all over the world prefer to study medical in Netherlands. International students who opt to study medicine in Netherlands have access to different programs from undergraduate medical degrees to health care programs. It is offered by both private and public universities.

Why study Medicine in Netherlands?

  • Top medical colleges and healthcare colleges in Netherlands offer unique medical programs, different from similar courses in other European countries.
  • If a student chooses to study MS in Netherlands or any medical degree, he or she would join more than 112,000 international students who pursue their higher education in Netherlands.
  • Higher studies in Netherlands are globally acclaimed for various streams of study, where MS in Netherlands is preferred by most of the master degree aspirants in the healthcare field.
  • The tuition fees to study in the medical colleges in Netherlands, are relatively low.
  • International students with high grades and performances can apply for scholarships and grants.
  • International students become a part of the advanced healthcare systems and with the focus on improving whole health communities. 

Medical Degrees in Netherlands

The healthcare colleges in Netherlands offer clinical, pre-clinical, and health degrees, which range from Dermatology, dentistry to psychiatry and toxicology. Thirteen institutes in the Netherlands offer 47 different courses in the medical and healthcare in the undergraduate stream. 12 Institutes in Netherlands offer 41 courses in postgraduate degrees. Besides, there is another category called Clinical Medicine to study medicine in Netherlands, covered by top medical universities. The study of Clinical medicine in Netherlands attracted a number of international students, which covers a wide spectrum of areas from medical to biomedical categories. Namely, radiology, ophthalmology, cardiology, obstetrics, etc.

Medical colleges in Netherlands

The number of medical schools in the Netherlands is very few. In total, there are only 13 medical schools and universities offering medical courses for international students. However, it is known that the number of medical schools in the country will rise as shortage of doctors begin to occur. Following is the list of best medical universities in Netherlands. 

  • University of Amsterdam - The University of Amsterdam is the largest higher education university in the Netherlands. It is one of the universities and second-ranked institution in the Netherlands. It is one of the top 15 best universities in and top medical university in Europe. 
  • Leiden University - Leiden University is the oldest University in Netherlands and offers the medical programs in different streams from undergraduate studies to PhD programs. The universities have about 40 colleges and research institutes and are ranked as one of top 300 best universities in the world.
  • Utrecht University -Utrecht University is yet another oldest and the most prestigious study institution in Netherlands. It is also ranked in the list of QS World University Rankings 2022 at 110th place. It is listed at the top three medical universities in Netherlands.

Other Medical Universities in Netherlands are:

  • Wageningen University & Research
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • University of Groningen
  • Maastricht University

Language of instruction in the Dutch medical curriculum

The medium of instruction of some universities in the Netherlands is their native language, Dutch, but currently, most of the universities in the Netherlands, are taught with English as their language of instruction. particularly in the field of medicine. This is because most citizens of the Netherlands are already proficient in English.

Requirements for medical programs in the Netherlands

The eligibility for admission varies with the choice of the medical course and college or Medical University in Netherlands the students select. There would be a difference in the quota scores that are required for you to be admitted in the program, such as

  • a certain minimum grade from your previous institution,
  • GMAT, GRE,
  • If you are from a non english country, an English language proficiency test is required, you can take IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Some of the requirements that you must prepare are your proofs of identity such as 
  • your birth certificate or 
  • your passport that will also prove your nationality, 
  • your previous educational background documents, and 
  • records along with your report card to check if you have the minimum grade required to enter the medicine program,

These are the necessary documents needed to study medicine.

Components of the medical curriculum in the Netherlands

Basically, medical studies in Netherlands has a period of six years. Here are the details: 

  • For the first 3 to 4 years of studying medicine in the Netherlands, you will undergo theoretical studies on topics about mainly the introduction and the basics of medicine.
  • In the next one to two years  you will be focused to clinical clerkships and duties to train for the actual scenarios at a hospital. 
  • The last 6th year will be for an internship in which they will work as an additional workforce of the hospital with the guidance of a supervisor to further gain experience. 

Cost to study medicine in the Netherlands

Netherlands has always been a cost-effective and convenient place for pursuing a medicinal degree. However, Tuition fees for non-EU nationals are significantly higher for medicine at around 32,000 EUR per year and EU nationals of 2,209 EUR for EU nationals. 

List of Medical Universities in Netherlands by Specialization:- 

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Veterinary Science Universities in Netherlands

MD Universities in Netherlands

Pharmacy Universities in Netherlands

Paramedical/Nursing Studies Universities in Netherlands

Surgery Universities in Netherlands

Public Health Universities in Netherlands

Clinical Research Universities in Netherlands

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Fitness and Health Care Expert Universities in Netherlands

Master of Surgery(MS) Universities in Netherlands

Physiotherapy Universities in Netherlands