Medicine and HealthCare in Spain

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Exams Accepted
Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia

Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia

Location: Guadalupe, Spain

Bachelors: EUR 12800 Masters: EUR 11400
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
la salle campus

la salle campus

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Bachelors: EUR 40400 Masters: EUR 19125
Entry Criteria: GRE ,TOEFL
UIC Barcelona

UIC Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Bachelors: EUR 11820 Masters: EUR 10260

Medical Universities in Spain

Spain has gone through a lot of changes since the first human settlers set foot on its soil, some thirty-five years ago. Today, it is a top tourist and academic destination in the world. Especially in the field of academics, Spain is respected and revered all over the world. 

Why Study Medicine in Spain?

Spain has an increasing international student population which gives it an extra contribution in diversity, the meeting of different cultures, and personal development. Studying medicine in Spain can be a fulfilling memorable experience for international students. Here are some of the  top reasons why to study medicine in Spain are:

  • Spain has highly ranked universities, with 5 of them ranking in the top 200 universities for medicine in the World. 
  • The medical studies in Spain are well structured and the universities are equipped very well. The teaching staff there are highly qualified professionals.
  • When compared to other top study destinations like the USA, or the UK, the cost of studying medicine in Spain for foreign students is much more affordable.
  • Spain is a beautiful nation, with a unique, entertaining, impressive, and exceptional culture.

Duration for completing Medicine degree in Spain

It takes about six years to complete the medical programs in a Medical University in Spain. Here is the description: 

  • For the first 2 years, you will have to focus on pre-clinical medicine study. This is basically studying basic medical sciences in biology, physics, and basic anatomy. Generally, this is the only period students will have dedicated time to learn the basic fundamentals of medicine. 
  • After having completed pre-clinical training, students will begin their clinical studies under the supervision of accredited doctors. After six years, students can proceed to their specialization for further training. 

Medical colleges in Spain

Medicine healthcare is of top quality in Spain, and medical colleges and universities are entrusted with the job of ensuring that the curriculum is of the highest standard. The top medical universities in Spain are continuously ranked among the top worldwide universities every year. Here are the top medical schools in Spain: 

1. University of Barcelona
2. Autonomous University of Barcelona
3. Autonomous University of Madrid
4. Complutense University of Madrid
5. University of Navarra

Can I Study Medicine in Spain in English? 

Generally, to study medicine in Spain in English, you must know at least the basic Spanish language. Most of the medical programs are in the Spanish language, with only a few exceptions where the course is mixed of English and Spanish languages. You can find English-taught medical programs at private universities rather than public universities. If you are interested in pursuing a medical degree and are willing to learn the Spanish language or already can speak Spanish, you should definitely consider Spain for your medical degree. 

Cost of Studying Medicine in Spain

The fees to study medicine in Spain are reasonable and affordable, especially when compared to top international student hubs, like the US and UK. Just like in any other country, there are significant differences between tuition fees in public and private universities, where private universities have higher tuition fees across their degree programs.

Universities in Span are among those which charge the lowest tuition fees in Europe. Specifically, bachelor’s programs can range up to 3,000 EUR per year. A private Spanish universities, the cost of studying medicine can go as high as 20,000 EUR per year, as they set their own fees


Studying medicine in a college in Spain is totally affordable, as it costs much lesser than studying the same course in other European countries. Naturally, students from various corners of the world go to Spain to study medicine. When it comes to studying medicine, Spain may not be the priority of international students. However, if one needs to experience being bilingual and look for reasonable tuition fees, Spain is the place to study medicine.

List of Medical Universities in Spain by Specialization:-

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