Medicine and HealthCare in France

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Medical Universities in France

Among the world’s top hundred medical universities and colleges, France has some of the best. France is renowned for its excellent medical colleges where a lot of international students go and study. Hence, France has been a leader in medicine healthcare for quite a long period of time. Studying Medical in France for international students has always been a great choice for its outstanding quality and affordable cost. UPMC, France being one of the best medical colleges in the world, has a top-class infrastructure. Gaining a medical qualification from a French medical college guarantees one a widely respected qualification.

Applicants have to appear for an entrance exam in order to pursue a medical course in the top-class French medical universities. One can study for a number of medical specializations in France, alongside the standard medical programs.  The duration of the general medical degree program in French medical universities is about nine years. For a specialization, a student has to invest one or two years more in studies.  The tuition fees at French medical universities and schools are considerably cheaper than most of the other European universities. The average net tuition price at a medical university in France is €450-7000 per annum. Though most of the Universities in France require a B2 level of proficiency in French, some of the medical universities in France also have their medical science courses in English. A non-EU student needs to apply for an extended-stay student visa, with residency permit (VLS-TS) in order to pursue a course in a French Medical university. Université Pierre ET Marie Curie (UPMC) is the highest ranked medical college in France.  Besides UPMC, there are other top notch medical schools such as Centre Hôpitalier Universitaire, Faculté de Médecine, Université Bourgogne etc.  But UPMC stands out among all as it is ranked 131st among all universities in the world. It has a community of more than thirty-thousand students, where twenty percent are international students.

Medical studies in France are long and intense. It takes almost eight years to obtain a general degree for becoming a doctor, and eleven years to become a surgeon. Doctors have to be registered with the French Medical Council known as Ordre National des Médecins (CNOM).  Medical studies in France are divided into three cycles (PCEM, DCEM and general medicine residency or other specialties) leading to a State Doctor of Medicine Diploma. The PCEM cycle lasts for 2 years.  Besides medical doctorates from 2009, the French education system has also brought nurse education closer to the higher education environment. The maximum number of students accepted in the medical schools in France from abroad is eight percent of the total admissions, with the condition that the rank of the last foreign student is equal to or higher than that of the last French student admitted.

A person will be in demand across the world if he or she has a medical degree from a French medical university. France is home to some of the great Nobel Prize winners who have contributed a lot in medical field. From the discovery of the genetic cause of Down syndrome to Hepatitis B vaccine, pass outs from French Medical universities have excelled everywhere.

During the first year of studies, international students only need to show their visa as a proof of their residency status; however, the visa needs to be verified within thirty days. From the second year of studies onwards, a foreign student must apply for a residency permit called Carte de Séjour.

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