Dental Sciences Universities in France

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Medical Universities in France

Among the world’s top hundred medical universities and colleges, France has some of the best. France is renowned for its excellent medical colleges where a lot of international students go and study. Hence, France has been a leader in medicine healthcare for quite a long period of time.

Why study medicine in France?

  • Studying Medical in France for international students has always been a great choice for its outstanding quality and affordable cost.
  • Gaining a medical qualification from a French medical college guarantees one a widely respected qualification.
  • Gaining a medical qualification from a French medical college guarantees one a widely respected qualification.
  •  France is home to some of the great Nobel Prize winners who have contributed a lot to the medical field. From the discovery of the genetic cause of Down syndrome to the Hepatitis B vaccine, pass outs from French Medical universities have excelled everywhere
  • The tuition fees at French medical universities and schools are considerably cheaper than most of the other European universities. 

How many years to be a Doctor in France

Medical studies in France are long and intense. It takes almost eight years to obtain a general degree for becoming a doctor, and eleven years to become a surgeon. Doctors have to be registered with the French Medical Council known as Ordre National des Médecins (CNOM).

Medical Study System in France

Medical studies in France are divided into 3 cycles, PCEM, DCEM and General Medicine or other specialties). It completes with obtaining the PhD certificate in medicine.

  • First Cycle (PCEM) -  In the first cycle there are two academic preparatory years, with the same course of study for all medical, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and physiotherapy students. To complete this cycle, students must pass a competitive exam at the end of the first year.
  • Second Cycle (DCEM) -The duration of the second cycle is four years. To complete this cycle, students of the fourth year must pass the theoretical exams. Additionally, they should also participate in all the internship periods in the hospitals and in seminars. After their success and depending on their grades, students are qualified to follow the specialty they desire.
  • Third Cycle (DES) - The third cycle of medical studies consists of  two study programs: General Medicine or other specialisation. Both of which will make a way to obtain a Diploma of Specialized Studies DES.

Students can complete their studies in some specialties to obtain the complementary specialized studies certificate DESC. This will take two years of study. Next the student can prepare and discuss a thesis for obtaining the PhD in medicine.

Requirements to study medical degree in France

The process of applying to a medical university in France depends on your home country. Moreover, the student must have a 

  • high school diploma and 
  • be fluent in the French language. Present the proof of fluency with DELF & DALF or TCF / TFE
  • good grades in certain subjects. For example, at the University of Nantes students need to get good marks in Life Sciences, Chemistry,  Physics, Mathematics, French, and Languages.
  • letters of motivation or recommendation
  • related experience if applicable

Best medical universities in France

Here is the list of the best medical colleges in France for international students:

  • Paris Descartes University
  • Sorbonne University
  • Western Brittany University
  • Montpellier Nimes College of Medicine
  • Strasbourg Medical School
  • Marseille Medical School

Can I study medicine in France in English?

To encourage international students to study in France, a group of universities and private medical colleges provide their education in the English language. On the other hand, studying medicine in public universities in France is in the French language only. Hence, gaining fluency in this language is one of the most important challenges for international students applying to public universities to study in France.

Cost of studying Medicine in France

According to the stats of the ANEMF( National Association of Medical Students of France), students studying in PACES pay an average amount of around 6,000 EUR for college registration fees and private courses. ANEMF estimated the cost to be absolve 5,000 EUR for first-cycle medicine studies and 4,000 EUR for third-year studies. Approximately 260 euros for books and all materials approved for medical study. Additionally, social security can cost around 500 EUR per year. Know more:  Cost of studying in France

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