Medicine and HealthCare in USA

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Exams Accepted
#1 Stanford University

Stanford University

Location: Stanford, USA

Bachelors: USD 50703 Masters: USD 132900
Entry Criteria: TOEFL ,
#2 Harvard University

Harvard University

Location: Cambridge, USA

Bachelors: USD 50420 Masters: USD 41832
Entry Criteria: IELTS 2018 ,
#3 Columbia University

Columbia University

Location: New York, USA

Bachelors: AUD 52478
Entry Criteria: IELTS 2018 ,TOEFL
#4 University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

Location: Philadelphia, USA

Bachelors: USD 47416 Masters: USD 28510
Entry Criteria: SAT ,TOEFL
#5 University of Michigan

University of Michigan

Location: Michigan, USA

Bachelors: USD 39552 Masters: USD 44946
#6 Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

Location: Baltimore, USA

Bachelors: USD 46000 Masters: USD 48000
Entry Criteria: GMAT ,GRE MORE
#7 Duke University

Duke University

Location: Durham, USA

Bachelors: USD 49575 Masters: USD 132800
Entry Criteria: IELTS 2018 ,SAT MORE
#8 New York University

New York University

Location: New York, USA

Bachelors: CAD 43636 Masters: CAD 100690
#9 University of California, Davis
#10 Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University

Location: Nittany Lion, USA

Bachelors: USD 31,434 Masters: USD 22,275
Entry Criteria: GRE ,IELTS MORE

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Medical Universities in USA

Medicine and Healthcare are as popular as ever with many international students who wish to study in USA. While it is a popular field of entry for many, it is imperative to find the right university for you to study Medical in USA.

The best Medical colleges in the USA conduct courses on a personalized basis. As students specialise, they are guided by their professors and mentors. International students specifically benefit a lot more from this personalised education, as this style is tailored to help them achieve mastery over their chosen topics. Students don’t need to become doctors after entering the medicine and healthcare sector. They can also go into research, becoming scientists and discovering new drugs or techniques. Graduates can either enter private practice or they can join a hospital. Setting up a private practice is difficult and expensive, and isn’t a good choice for new graduates. It is recommended that private practices are opened only after doctors gain some experience.

The thing to note is that the acceptance rate in most of these universities is usually low, but a high score in the sciences and English proficiency is a good starting point.

The best Medical colleges usually conduct their courses in English. This makes taking Medical in USA for International students, a good choice. The best medical colleges cost a lot, so students often need to take on student loans. However, doctors are very in demand worldwide and command high salaries.

The preparation for becoming a doctor has to start early. Students must score consistently high marks and take science courses before they can become a doctor.

Healthcare and medicine are hugely diverse fields and there are many specialties to choose from, such as:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Public Health
  • Veterinary
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing

List of Medical Universities in USA by Specialization:

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