If you want to study in Switzerland, the first step to the process would be to get accepted into one of the Universities in Switzerland.  Now, every university has its own admission requirements and process to accept international students. Moreover, it also changes from course to course. Here, we are talking about general requirements you need to fulfill as eligibility criteria to Study in Switzerland.

Eligibility Criteria to Study in Switzerland

Doctoral / Research Universities in Switzerland:

1. Bachelor’s Program:

Candidates who want to Study in Switzerland for Bachelor’s program in Doctoral or Research University, need to hold a certificate equivalent to a Swiss Maturity Certificate. This is essentially a school-leaving certificate of Secondary school by international norms. It is a general higher education qualification that is needed everywhere else in the world.


2. Master’s Program:

The Master’s degree in Doctoral / Research Universities in Switzerland for international students would require a bachelor’s degree in that specific field of study. However, some master’s program study in Switzerland may have their own different or additional criteria.


University of Applied Sciences and Arts:

1. Bachelor’s Program:

Candidates who wish to study in Switzerland in a UAS need to hold a federal vocational baccalaureate or an equivalent school-leaving certificate.

Students who have the Swiss maturity certificate, or equivalent certificate to that, are eligible for a Bachelor’s program at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts given they meet the necessary work experience requirements in the relevant field of study.

Students of arts and music are not required to have any work experience. However, they should have a portfolio of their own. Moreover, the artistic aptitude of the candidates will be individually assessed before admission.

2. Master’s Program:

Same as the other Universities in Switzerland, the Master’s program in a UAS will require a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. However, the candidates must check the University requirements with the institution they are applying to, as it will change from University to University.


Universities of Teacher Education in Switzerland (UTE):

1. Bachelor’s Program:

As per EDK (Swiss Conference of Cantonal Directors of Education), to study in Switzerland in a UTE, candidates must have a diploma from an EDK recognized institute. Other than that, a Swiss Maturity Certificate can be an admission requirement, too.

A candidate with a specialized baccalaureate certificate is eligible for UTE admission also.

2. Master’s Program:

An Upper Secondary qualification in one or two high school subjects is required to get accepted in training to teach upper secondary level. Teachers for Special Education must possess a teaching diploma in standard classes or a degree in psychomotor therapy.


Masters of Advanced Studies (MAS):

Masters of Advance Studies in Switzerland should not be confused with a Master’s Program. MAS is a further education program taught in the Universities of Switzerland. Candidates must have a relevant degree in the specific field of study, and practical work experience.


For Doctoral Studies and Ph.D. in Switzerland, the admission criteria vary further depending on the Universities in Switzerland for international students. Individual qualifications and aptitude play a big part when it comes to these courses.


Apart from these general academic requirements, there will be some specific language requirements for the language of instructions of the course. A B1 / B2 level is asked according to Europass, for English, it can be IELTS / TOEFL.


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