When it comes to working in Switzerland, for most foreigners, Switzerland might seem like a work paradise. Swiss people enjoy some of the highest salaries in the world while also enjoying some of the most lenient work timings. Though Switzerland may seem quite restrictive in its immigration laws, finding a job is not so hard because the law there states that foreigners have to be employed under the same conditions as the locals under the same salary bars. Therefore, you can be rest assured that you’d have an equal footing. Since the bilateral agreement in EU requires free movement of labour, your scope is not restrictive when it comes to working in Switzerland. When looking for a job, it is also important to note the differences that might spring up demographically, linguistically, and by concentration of industries; for example, banking industry is concentrated along Zurich. Geneva has the highest percentage of foreign workers. So here are some of the most popular job sectors in Switzerland. 

Popular job sectors to study in switzerland

One of the first things that comes to mind when someone mentions Switzerland is their banking system. Although the reputation is not always stellar, the system is known to be quite rigid and tight-lipped. Banking system in Switzerland is mostly concentrated in Zurich. Its fame is known quite well throughout the world. It is no surprise that the industry of banking is quite well known in the job circles. This is also reinforced by importance and repute that degrees in banking and administration from Swiss universities have


Jobs in Consulting range from consulting for tax advice, asset management, fund management, audit services, and other consulting services. In fact, services in asset and wealth management are one of the pillars of Swiss economy. Swiss system runs of strict verification of the customer. Despite familiarity, the Swiss have to verify the identity of every customer, particular in banking services. This makes their system one of the most rigid in the world. These services are famous not just in banks, but also for audit consultancy, tax consultancy, and fund management agencies as well.       


Jobs in Engineering can be directly translated to how well-crafted the Engineering courses are in Switzerland. While some of the highest paying jobs in this sector are as a professor in Electrical and Aeronautical engineering, there is also requirement for electrical engineers, as well as in other engineering services as mechanical etc.


This is in fact one of the most lucrative fields because the scope is diverse and it has some of the highest paid jobs in Switzerland. Jobs in this field range from a risk analyst to a compensation manager whose job it is to identify the quantum of compensation. Therefore, there is  a lot of scope for skilled labour here in this sector. Compensation manager can also be someone who takes care of the compensation and incentives of the employees in the company. Therefore, it depends on a lot of technical skill and analysis. It is no wonder, for those reasons, that this is one of the highly paid in Switzerland.

Other sectors that jobs are available for skilled labour are

  • Information Technology
  • Tourism
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Construction and property management etc.

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