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Job seeking does not start when you graduate from a college; it is decided way before when you take admission in a college. Therefore, it is wise to choose better place, and course to study. If you Study in France, one part of that problem is covered. With excellent academics and career opportunities, Universities in France are the place to be. France has 35 of the World’s Top Ranked Universities, with 11 Universities of them in Top 300 in the world. However, if you want to Stay Back in France after studies, Here are some of the best career options to pursue in France, apart from part time jobs in France.

Popular Job Sectors in France

IT & Computer Science:

If you are coming from IT background, Information Technology is one of the booming sectors all over the world. With France’s need in Engineering, manufacturing and tourism Industry, consequently the need of IT professionals in those industry increase day by day, too. All these industries require Software, Hardware, and web developments. That makes IT jobs in France one of the most promising sectors in France.

Top Universities to Study IT / Computer Science in France:

  1. CentraleSupelec, Paris
  2. Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris
  3. Université Paris-Sud, Paris
  4. Universite Grenoble Alpes (UGA), Grenoble


Along with IT, Aerospace Engineering jobs in France is another field where France is leading the market. With manufacturing giants like Airbus, it is no surprise how good aerospace Engineering job opportunities are France.

However, along with these, Automotive and Metallurgy are also promising sectors in France. If you are into research, then MS in Physics / Chemistry, etc. will provide good options.

Top Engineering Universities in France:

  1. Universite Grenoble Alpes (UGA), Grenoble
  2. Grenoble Institute of Technology, Grenoble
  3. University of Lorraine, Nancy
  4. CentraleSupelec, Paris
  5. University of Lille I, Paris


Marketing Managers in France are one of the most in demand professionals. Nonetheless, any type of management degree will get you going. A large number of students apply for MBA in France every year. With more and more multinational companies coming into France, the demand of the management employees is only going to increase gradually.  Management and marketing jobs in France are there if you are a management or MBA student, and for that, France will prove to be a promising option.

Top Management / B-Schools in France:

  1. INSEAD, Fontainebleau
  2. HEC Paris
  3. ESSEC Business School, Valbonne
  4. Grenoble Graduate School of Business, Grenoble
  5. EDHEC Business School, Alsace

Tourism and Hospitality:

If there is one thing that France will never run out of, that would be Tourism Industry. Paris is the most visited tourist destination in the world, and the tourism and hospitality needs will only increase over the coming years. If tourism, hotel management and hospitality is your thing, you are sure to find a job somewhere given the high demand of the talent in this over booming industry.

Top Hotel / Hospitality / Tourism Management Universities in France:

  1. EMLYON Business School, Lyon
  2. Skema Business School, Lille
  3. PSB Paris School of Business, Paris
  4. INSEEC Business School, Paris
  5. AIM Hotel & Tourism Management Academy, Paris

How to get a Job in France?

You have to be a legal resident of France before you start applying for the jobs. For the students who have just completed the studies, there will be many internships and training programs related to your field of study. You can register yourself to a third party job hunting agency, which may help if you do not have many contacts in France. For example, pole emploi is a website French Government, who connects the unemployed citizens to the companies.


No matter which field you are from, these sectors will offer you some serious career graphs and an exciting portfolio you can be proud of. Not only that, you will have international experience to show on your CV!


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