Pursuing MBA from France helps to broaden your international exposure by providing you with an opportunity to learn from a diverse international student body. MBA from business schools in France is highly affordable and cheaper compared to many other top study abroad destinations. If you are planning to pursue an MBA degree from a French university, here is the step-by-step guide on how to apply for MBA in France.

How to Apply For MBA in France

How To Apply for MBA in France

The process of applying for an MBA in France is simple. If you follow the below steps, you are sure to reach your goal. Check out the steps you need to follow to get a seat at b-school in France:

  1. Know what are you interested in and set your preferences
  2. In the next step, start researching the universities in France online.
  3. If you find a suitable institution for MBA, Check its eligibility
  4. If you are eligible, Know the requirements for the application process
  5. According to the requirements, Take the respective exams
  6. Collect the documents you will need in your application process.
  7. It's time to apply..!!

These are simple steps. Isn’t it? Let's dive deep into it. In the next part of the article, we will discuss these steps in detail.

Know your interest and preferences

First, you need to identify your interests and preferences for pursuing an MBA in France. The following factors will help you decide:

  1. Specialisation- MBA in France are offered in many specialisations such as One can pursue programs like MBA in healthcare management in France, MBA in marketing in France, MBA in Human Resource in France, MBA in international business in France,  and many more. Select your Specialisation according to your academic and career goals.
  2. Type of university - you need to choose between private or public business school in France. If you have enough budget you can go for a private university or else you can also choose a public university. One thing is sure you will gain a quality education at any French university.
  3. Course type - you have to decide in which program type you would pursue your MBA. For example one year MBA in France, Executive MBA, and Part-time MBA in France etc.

Research Your Colleges/universities in France

In the next step, start researching about the universities and colleges online. Your research must be based on the interest and preference you have set in step-1. To make your work easy, here we have listed some of the top business schools in France.

  2. HEC Paris
  3. ESSEC Business School
  4. Grenoble Graduate School of Business
  5. EDHEC Business School
  6. Sorbonne Graduate Business School
  7. EMLYON Business School
  8. Audencia Nantes School of Management
  9. IAE Aix Graduate School of Management
  10. IÉSEG School of Management, Paris

Check the eligibility criteria for MBA in France

To be considered eligible to pursue an MBA program in France, one must satisfy some basic requirements. Each university has its eligibility criteria. Here are the basic eligibility criteria for MBA study in France.

  1. Minimum educational qualification eligibility. Bachelor’s Degree equivalent to French Baccalaureate
  2. GMAT, GRE or relevant admission test
  3. Non-native English speakers and international students must have required scores in English language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS or PTE. Check this out: Study in France without IELTS
  4. Minimum years of Work experience

Check the document requirements for MBA degree in France

The documents required for the application process might differ according to the university and programme you choose. You can check the requirements of your chosen university from their website or you can also contact the admission officer through the mail. The important documents required for the application process are :

  1. Complete application form with passport size photos
  2. A valid passport
  3. Original and authentic transcripts of schools and/or college
  4. Letters of Recommendation and Resume
  5. Financial documents to prove your financial capability
  6. Loan documents
  7. Statement of Purpose/ Essays as directed by the university
  8. Other supporting documents as asked by the university

Appear for the required exams

Now, you are clear about your requirements. It’s time to appear for the required standardised exams for admission. Mainly the following exam results are asked for the MBA admission process in France:

  • While applying for admission, students need to submit GMAT or GRE scorecards that are not older than the specified period. However, few universities also offer MBA in France without GMAT.
  • An English language proficiency test, such as TOEFL, IELTS or PTE should be taken by applicants whose native language is not English. 

Collect the documents as required

After completing your exams, you should start assembling the documents as required. 

  • Contact your professors and managers for the Letter of recommendation
  • Draft your statement of purpose by stating the reason for your program selection and how it will help you in your career building process. 
  • Collect your exam results. 
  • Assemble your transcripts, degree and certificates.
  • Collect your work experience letter from the manager.

It’s time to Apply..!! 

Last and important step. You are ready with all the documents. It's time to apply for admission to the MBA Colleges in France. Almost all French universities provide an online application facility on their website. Students can download the application form and follow the guideline, given there. After filling accurately and signing the application form, all the supporting documents must be attached to it. You would also need to pay the required application fee.


We hope this article on How To Apply for MBA in France was helpful to you. French MBA universities offer theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The decision of studying in french Business schools will be one of the best decisions of your life. If you have any query or doubt feel free to ask/write us..!!


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