Media Films in France

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Program Type
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Exams Accepted
#1 Paris-Sorbonne University

Paris-Sorbonne University

Location: Paris, France

Masters: EUR 134
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,
#3 EIDM Paris

EIDM Paris

Location: Paris, France

Bachelors: EUR 8190 Masters: EUR 9790
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#5 3is


Location: lancourt, France

Bachelors: EUR 10120 Masters: EUR 15300


Location: Paris, France

Bachelors: EUR 14250 Masters: EUR 19950
#8 ESMOD France

ESMOD France

Location: paris, France

Bachelors: EUR 10550 Masters: EUR 12900
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#9 IFA Paris

IFA Paris

Location: paris, France

Bachelors: EUR 8900 Masters: EUR 12800
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,
#10 Istituto Marangoni ,France

Istituto Marangoni ,France

Location: paris, France

Bachelors: EUR 17700 Masters: EUR 19200
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,
#11 LISAA School of Design, France

LISAA School of Design, France

Location: Paris, France

Bachelors: EUR B1 : 9 990,B2 : 11 390,B3 : 11 390 Masters: EUR 11290
#12 ModArt


Location: Paris, France

Bachelors: EUR 9000 Masters: EUR 9200

Media Films Universities in France

In the last couple of decades, France has increasingly become home to more and more international students who want to study Media Films courses. The historical, philosophical, and all other aspects of movies are revealed by film, photography and media courses. These courses also teach the art of taking and editing photographs- both digital and classic. Studying Media Films in France ensures that a student s gain technical knowledge on how photos and films are created. And the added advantage in studying Media Films colleges in France is that the country has some of the best Media Films colleges in the world. Universities offer postgraduate degrees in Media Films courses. These degrees are only awarded to students who possess a high level of expertise in their subjects. Media programmes commonly teach how the media is produced, as well as analysed. The field of media studies is so vast that it can include in it a wide range of studies, from broadcasting and advertising to social media and technology. Studying Media Films in France for international students is a very lucrative academic option, because the country offers a very high standard of education to all its students. The culture of France is also very accepting and dynamic, attracting a lot of students every year from various corners of the world. Colleges in France offering media film studies offer degree courses in various fields like Multimedia and Interactive Design, Film and Television, Motion Media Design, Digital Media Technology, etc. The most advantageous aspect for international students going to France to study now is the fact that the classes are conducted in English, and not in French. Also, compared to the cost of living in other countries, or the cost of studying Media Films courses, France offers less costly options. So for students who want to study Medi Films courses, France is the country to go to.

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