France is the most favorite study destination nowadays for most of the students. If you are planning to pursue your higher education in France, you might have come across the word “Campus France”. This article will help you to get detailed information about Campus France.

Campus France

Campus France is an organization that helps students who want to study in France. It works under the observation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Be it a bachelors’ or masters' degree, a research program, or even a certificate diploma. It is basically the first step where each and every student has to take to undergo a certain process like that of registering, providing details, and taking interview date, etc to study in France.

Campus France India

Campus France India makes it possible for  Indian students to achieve their educational goals in France. Its emphasis is on providing a quality experience to students in every aspect, from providing information to online admissions, traveling plans,s, and orientation upon arrival in France. The headquarters of Campus France India is in New Delhi. Its specialties are French Higher Education, Career Counselling, Scholarship Assistance, Accommodation, Student VISA Assistance. There are a total of 16 campus France centers in India.

Campus France Contact

Students can get in touch with Campus France anytime they want to. There are no country-specific contact guidelines, and you can directly click on the Contact Us page on the official website. There is an inquiry form for the specific queries, and Campus France will get in touch with you after the submission of that inquiry.
List of the activities of campus France:

Providing information about different colleges
Campus France is connected with the government of France. And France has almost 85 public colleges so it provides each and every detail about colleges mainly their courses, fee structure, ranking number, and so on for assisting students in choosing a proper university.

  • Campus France Courses Taught in English

There are three types of courses available on the website of Campus France. French, Spanish, and English. As you might already know, French Universities provide a large number of English-speaking courses for international students. There is separate information about the courses on a search engine for Campus France courses taught in English, on the France official website. You can check out our guide to Study in France in English.

  • Campus France Login

Campus France also helps international students with the “Studies in France” application process. The students have to apply through the Campus France account for the Licence (undergraduate) and Masters (postgraduate) studies in France. There are processing fees for the courses more than 90 days which students will have to pay at the time of registration. The applicants will have to create an account for their country’s Campus France, e.g. Campus France India. The Application process will start with logging in to the account created on Campus France.

  • Campus France Application

If we talk about Indian student wants to take admission in universities in France then it is done through CEF procedure. In the CEF procedure, the student has to apply through a central agency and that central agency is Campus France which in turn passes all the required documents from students to the respective university. So in this way Campus, France will help you in filling applications, guiding them for proper universities, and pass all this information to a respected university.

  • Campus France Interview 

Unlike other countries, for seeking admission to any French university you must give an interview to Campus France. Prior to that, the interview date has to be scheduled; they will record your whole interview and send it to the respective university. The interview consists of language proficiency, why you want to do to your respective college, and your personal information. Some of the campus France interview questions are :

  • Why are you going to France?
  • Why not any other country?
  • Why did you choose this specific university?
  • From where did you come to know about the university?
  • Are you planning on returning to India after your course?
  • What are your goals in life?
  • Some questions regarding your CV.

After the interview, it provides NOC(no objection letter), which is important for VFS.

  • Campus France visa

Campus France will guide you with the entire procedure of student visa; required documents like income proof and all. Campus France will give feedback based on your interview to VFS France and VFS will decide whether to give visa or not. Finding proper accommodation is a very difficult and most important task. Campus France also helps the students in finding accommodation near their university.

The main documents required for a campus France visa are :

  • Valid passport
  • Cover letter
  • Academic documents
  • Proof of funding
  • Proof of accommodation

Campus France processing fees

Its processing fee for a stay in France for more than 90 days is 15,500 INR (online processing fee applicable), exclusive of taxes. There is no fee charged for the process if the students going to France is a maximum of 90 days. The payment of the processing fee is to be done online.

Campus France Scholarships

As we know that Campus France is a stepping stone in your career if you want to go to France for higher education; it handles the complete procedure of the student and informs them about various scholarships in France which they can apply for education. It assists them in scholarship procedure that is applicable for international students.

Campus France has got solutions to all your problems if you choose France as your study destination.

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