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Science Universities in Ireland

Ireland is a small European country that was, till recently famous for its scenic beauty and rich history, culture and literature. But recently, the country has become quite popular on the academic map of the world as well. International students flock to the country in large numbers every year to pursue their higher education. This is because of the high standard of education that the country offers through its colleges and universities. They offer their students a wide range of courses across various disciplines, and at all levels of education- from under-graduation to post-graduation. However, among all courses that attract international students to the country, science in Ireland is the most popular one. Ireland has some of the best science colleges in the world. Because of the excellent curriculum the science courses follow, these courses are respected across the world.

A student can pursue a science course, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science after having completed high school. However, for international students it is mandatory to complete fifteen years of formal education in their home country to become eligible for studying in Ireland. How much importance the country attaches to the studying of science becomes absolutely clear when we come to know that it offers its students approximately four hundred courses in the Bachelor of Science programme. Among these courses are Sport Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Human Resource Management, etc.

Students passing out of the science colleges find employment in top companies related to their fields of studies, and also prosper in and contribute to science through research. Studying science in Ireland for international students is an attractive academic option because the courses cost lesser than those in other European countries, and most importantly, the courses are conducted in English. Hence, for students who want to go abroad and receive quality education in science, Ireland right now is the best option.

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