Medicine and HealthCare in Hungary

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Exams Accepted
University of Debrecen

University of Debrecen

Location: Egyetem, Hungary

Bachelors: USD 120000 Masters: USD 6500
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,
University of Pecs

University of Pecs

Location: Pecs, Hungary

Bachelors: EUR 23800 Masters: EUR 11400
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL

Medical Universities in Hungary

Hungary has been a historic centre for learning. With a welcoming attitude towards international students and scholarships in tow, it remains a popular site for higher studies. Other than education, Hungary’s beautiful towns and cities are famous all across the world too. Those looking forward to studying medicine in Hungary or pursuing MBBS in Hungary have made a great choice. Some of the best universities for studying medicine are Semmelweis University, Debrecen University, Szeged University and Pécs University.

Semmelweis University provides three programs in this field,

General Medicine program in English and German, with tuition fee: USD 16400/year; English and Germany program; diploma: M.D.

Dentistry programme in English with tuition fee: USD 16400/ year; duration: 5-year program; Diploma: D.M.D.

Pharmacy programme in English with tuition fee: USD 1200/year; duration: 5-year program; Diploma: Pharm.D. degree.

Pécs University has a great many options in this field, some of which are

Dentistry programme in English of Pecs University with tuition fee: USD 15,900 per year; duration: 5-year program; Diploma: D.M.D.

General Medicine programme in English of Pecs University with tuition fee: USD 15,300/year; duration: 6-year program; Diploma: M.D.

Pharmacy programme in English of Pecs University with tuition fee: USD 9,500/year; duration: 5-year program; Diploma: Pharm. D.

Medical Biotechnology MSc Programme with tuition fee: EUR 5,500/year; duration: 2 years; Diploma: MSc in Medical Biotechnology.

The Medical University of Szeged provides the following courses:

Dental Medicine or Dentistry Program in English, five-year program, diploma: Doctor of Dentistry Medicine.

Medical University of Szeged: Anatomy Summer Course in English

All medical universities Hungary welcome international students. The requirement for admission is participation in the written, oral exams are also conducted. All universities conduct interviews and so, it is advisable to have good grades for an improved chance. The fee is mostly affordable, and the environment is friendly. 

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