Student visa For Hungary

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Students who are not from the EU, need a Student Visa for Hungary for courses that have a duration of more than 90 days. Here is all you need to know:

Study in Hungary:

Hungary is one of the underrated European destinations when it comes to studying abroad. One can find the country as fascinating as any other European country with its rich history and architecture. Though it is one a popular tourist destination, the country does not get enough credit for the education destination that it is, or has the potential to be. Six of the universities in Hungary feature among the top universities in the world, which is no small feat by any means and why to study in Hungary. If you are looking forward to studying abroad with international recognition and affordable studies, Hungary is a must. Here, we are talking about Student Visa in Hungary for international students.

Student Visa for Hungary:

For courses exceeding 90 days, a student visa is required for the countries that are not a part of Schengen Area, European Union or European Economic Area. Furthermore, within 15 days of the arrival, students will have to apply for a resident permit in Hungary. The student visa for Hungary needs to be applied from the nearest embassy or consulate in your state and country. With some countries, an interview is needed to be booked by the student. The visa process, at minimum will take about four to six weeks and it can take more depending on the individuals. Make sure you have enough time before departure. A student visa can be only applied when a Hungarian University accepts you for one of their courses.

Hungary Student Visa Appointment

Students can submit their application for Student Visa for Hungary at the joint Schengen Centers or VFS Centers depending on their country. The applicants are required to appear at the center at least 15 minutes before the appointment. With some countries, at the VFS centers, biometrics are needed to be submitted. Biometrics are fingerprints and photographs of the candidate. Before booking for an appointment for Student Visa for Hungary, make sure you have filled the visa application forms correctly and have all the supporting documents you will need.

Hungary Student Visa Interview Questions

There are some common questions one will have to face during their interview. Though the questions usually come from the profile of the individuals, the common questions are:

  • What is your name?
  • What are you doing?
  • What is your educational qualification?
  • Why do you want to go to Hungary?
  • Where in Hungary do you want to go?
  • Where is your school located in Hungary?
  • Which institute or school or college you are going to study?
  • What course you are going to study?
  • Why this school?
  • What are the subjects?
  • How does it help you with your career?
  • How did you find the school name? How did you come to know about the institute?
  • What is your father doing?
  • When your course is going to start?
  • Why Hungary only?

Hungary Student Spouse Visa

If a spouse, or near family member wants to join a student who will be applying for a student visa, they need to apply for a separate permit. Same for the work permit and resident permit. Along with the students, the family members and spouse are required to apply separately.

Hungary Student Visa for Indian Aspirants

For Indian students, Hungary has emerged as quite a favorable study abroad destination. Every year a large number of Indian students apply for Hungarian Universities and colleges. Indian students are required to apply online for the student visa, book an interview for the Visa at VFS hungary, submit the biometrics at the VFS Center. Here is the list of documents required for Student Visa for Hungary:

  • Letter of Acceptance from a University
  • Proof of paid tuition fees
  • A Valid Passport, and a photocopy of first pages
  • Passport size photographs
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Proof of Financial Funds
  • Filled Visa Application Form

Student Visa for Hungary Cost

:The student visa cost for Hungary is approximately 26400 Hungarian forint (Hungarian Currency).

Study to Work Visa Hungary

Once you finish your graduation in Hungary, there is a chance to stay back and work in Hungary. The students are required to apply for “study to work visa” before 15 days of their student visa’s expiration date. For that one needs to verify that they already have a job or actively looking for the job. You either need to have a regular source of income, or have enough funds to sustain yourself. A valid health insurance and accommodation is also required. Keep in mind that one needs to leave the country if the study to work visa Hungary is rejected.

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