Medicine and HealthCare in Germany

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Medical Universities in Germany

Medicine is one of the most prestigious careers in the world. The title of Doctor carries an incredible amount of weight no matter where you go. To achieve this title takes years of hard work and sacrifice. Plus, the place where you achieve it only serves to increase your prestige. Some of the most prestigious medical universities in the world are in Germany.

Germany, with its educational policies and state of art universities, has become an educational hub for international students lately. Students pursuing Medical studies are also not far behind from this trend. It is especially lucrative to study MBBS in Germany as Germany offers a comprehensive learning experience at extremely low costs to students who want to pursue medical sciences. MBBS is a degree that has a high Return on Investment. Medical students are especially keen on pursuing this in order to ensure growth in their careers. Germany offers a wide range of colleges and universities for international students to take their pick of medical courses and ensure that they receive the best medical education possible.

While the excellent quality of education and training is a huge factor, the second factor is that the tuition is free in public universities. While there is no tuition cost, the cost of living is quite high. This has to be borne by the student. However, each student is allowed to work for 20 hours a week. This usually takes care of their living expenses. The top universities in Germany offer their admissions to students who are keen and willing to learn, the public universities provide education at almost no cost whatsoever. Hence, the medical courses in Germany are some of the most sought after in the world. On top of this, German universities are well reputed for their research projects and medical facilities. Students especially prefer the equipment and the infrastructure that the German universities offer them during the course of their learning. The faculty too, is comprised of veteran medical professionals who believe in the sanctity of the profession and want to ensure that the students learn the right way in order to treat their patients well in future. The residency programs in Germany are some of the best known in the world.

The German educational system is one of the best in the world. Students get hands-on training as well as experience in the medical field. Many Indian students head there every year to get into the top medical colleges in the country. Since tuition isn’t really an issue, students can pick colleges based on the courses they wish to take and the jobs they wish to do. To that end, we have provided a list of the top medical universities in Germany. The list comprises the cut-off percentages and other requirements for the desired colleges, as well as the projected annual salary for graduates. The requirements are extremely high, so we also guide students on picking the best fit for themselves. A German education is incredibly prestigious and marks the student out as an excellent prospect. Best of luck!

Considering all the above factors, we have compiled a list of the best medical universities in Germany, their eligibility criteria and their course structures. These medical courses are well curated and you can choose the best fit as per your specialization and needs.

List of Medical Universities in Germany by Specialization:- 

MBBS Universities in Germany

Veterinary Science Universities in Germany

MD Universities in Germany

Pharmacy Universities in Germany

Paramedical/Nursing Studies Universities in Germany

General Medicine Universities in Germany

Medical Sciences Universities in Germany

Surgery Universities in Germany

Public Health Universities in Germany

Clinical Research Universities in Germany

Dental Sciences Universities in Germany

Fitness and Health Care Expert Universities in Germany

Master of Surgery(MS) Universities in Germany

Physiotherapy Universities in Germany