Masters in Germany

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The manufacturing giant of Europe is one of the most sought-after studies abroad destinations across the globe. Be it bachelor’s or Masters in Germany, the opportunities presented in Germany are endless for the international students. Not only science, technology, and engineering, studying in Germany can be a perfect choice for students from any background, be it in commerce, arts, or humanities. Here is everything one needs to know about Studying master's in Germany:

Masters in Germany

Masters in Germany in English

First and foremost, even the students who do not possess any proficiency in German can apply and study in Germany. The Universities offer a number of courses in the English language for international students. Both Private and Public Universities in Germany offer courses in the English language where international students can apply. There are also courses that are bilingual, meaning they are Masters in the German language along with English. To know more: Study in Germany in English.

Here are some of the Master's Degrees in Germany taught in English

  1. Masters in Germany Computer Science: MS in Computer Science & Engineering, Technical University of Berlin
  2. Masters in Germany for Mechanical Engineers: Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Management, Hamburg University
  3. Masters in Germany for Economics: Msc in Economics, Heidelberg University
  4. Masters in Automotive Systems in Germany:  Masters in Automotive Software Engineering, Technical University of Munich
  5. Business Courses in Germany: Business Administration MSc, RWTH Aachen

Top Universities in Germany for Masters

German Universities, since their inception, have been known for their quality of education. They have been some of the best universities in the world throughout history. Talking about the present, 45 of the Universities in Germany is listed among the top Universities in the world. Both Public and Private Universities in Germany have a prestigious legacy and modern research facilities to provide students with the best of both worlds. Not only STEM and Engineering, but there are also universities of humanities, arts, and Top Universities in Germany for Medicine and Healthcare.

Here are some of the German Universities’ Rankings for MS and other Masters


Universities in Germany for Masters QS Ranking THE University Ranking
1 Technical University of Munich 61 44
2 Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich 62 32
3 Heidelberg University 64 47
4 KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 116 135
5 Humboldt University of Berlin 121 67

One Year Courses in Germany

One Year courses in Germany are various types of courses for Arts, Culture and Literature. Many a time, they are language courses also. Though most of these courses accept international students, most of them are in the German language. There are also options for Part-time MS in Germany for International students. The other attractive one-year programs are MBA in Germany, where candidates can apply for fast-track MBA courses in Germany. 

B-schools offering One Year MBA in Germany

  1. ESMT Berlin
  2. New European College
  3. ESCP Europe Business School

MS in Germany in English

Master in Science is one of the most sought-after programs in Germany. There is a number of options available for the Masters in Science in Germany. To attract international students and make science courses more acceptable around the world, German Universities offer a large number of MS courses that are taught in English. From Automotive Technologies to Civil engineering, a large number of courses are available for MS in Germany in English. The Eligibility for MS in Germany is the same as the other Master's programs.

Study Masters in Germany for Free

The candidates who are already interested in studying in Germany, know that barring some exceptions, the Public Universities in Germany are completely tuition-free. There are minimal semester fees for international students. The public Universities in Germany have no tuition fees for both domestic and international students. Here is how: study in germany for free.

Needless to say, however, they are highly competitive to get into. There are no external factors considered for the admissions, and the international students can compete equally. The private universities have tuition fees in them, and scholarships in Germany are the aid students can look forward to for them. There are also DAAD scholarships for Masters in Germany, especially for international students.

Masters in Germany Requirements

There are a few requirements to get enrolled in a Masters in Germany. These are some basic requirements for the supporting documents for the German Universities.

  • A Valid Passport
  • copies of the previous degrees
  • Translated transcripts and Mark Sheets
  • Passport size photographs
  • Language Proficiency Proof
  • Application Letter or SOP
  • Receipt of the application fees paid

Language Requirements

For both English and German taught courses, there are some language requirements. For the German language, tests like DSH and TestDaf can be taken. DSH is only available in Germany. For English, IELTS and TOEFL are accepted. You can read more on German Universities IELTS Requirements

There are also ways, other than language tests to study in Germany in English. Normally, one has to prove that their latest degree of education was taught in English with an MOI (medium of instruction) letter. You can read the step by step procedure on Study in Germany without IELTS

Minimum CGPA Required to Study in Germany

There is no set limit by the Universities in Germany for the minimum scores required to apply for the Master's Program. The requirements differ from course to course and in Universities. Also, for many Universities, the applications are evaluated individually and there are many factors affecting an application. On average, a 6.5 CGPA out of 10 is a minimum requirement, and 8 to 8.5 is the requirement for a little-known standard university. 

Masters in Germany Cost

As we have mentioned before, the public universities in Germany are tuition-free. The semester fees for the international students can be up to 350 USD or 310 Euros per semester. There are tuition fees for the Master's program at the Universities in Germany. Tuition fees for the different programs will be different for the universities, and they can be anywhere from 3000 euros to 20000 euros a year. For Example, the Technical University of Munich has average fees of 2000 euros a year, and Heidelberg University has average tuition fees of 6000 euros a year.

German Scholarships for Masters

Sometimes when the Master's programs an international student is choosing are different from his or her bachelor’s degree, the universities will charge the fees. Additionally, master's degrees in private universities will have tuition fees regardless of their background. For that, there are scholarships available for Master's students in Germany. From DAAD to a large number of private entities and universities, there are many options for the graduates to apply to.

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