Oct 17, 2018

10 Best Countries to Study Abroad

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The idea of studying abroad brings with it a multitude of questions such the country to study in, the university to choose after picking the country, the course- majors and minors- to pick that would have value addition when studied from that university. Without really going into the discussion of why studying abroad has to happen, it is best to understand what constitutes the term top places to Study Abroad. Ideally, the best country to study in would have to be a combination of affordability and value for the course offered. One should not feel burdened by the amount of expenditure that one would have to shell out while wondering if the money spent is worth the return investing in. So, mentioned underneath, are a list of the 10 best countries for international students looking at the ideal price-service ratio, in no particular order.


1.) United States of America:

study in USA

Study in USA tops the list for the students who are willing to study abroad. With by far the highest number of Universities in top universities in the world, 157 of the US Universities are ranked in top 1000 universities from all over the world.

USA still is the best place to study engineering and management courses, and colleges like Stanford University and Harvard means the tradition of quality keeps on going. As far as diversity is concerned, nothing beats the multicultural nature of USA, with people from all the races and ethnicity coming together.


Why Study in USA?

  • World Renowned Universities (5 Out of World Top 10 Universities)

Famous for:

  1. Business and Management
  2. Engineering courses.

Offers Courses in English: Yes

Average Tuition Fees to Study in USA:

The Public Universities in USA for Bachelor Programs charge an average of $25620, and the private universities are around $34500. MBA programs are little costlier, with an average of $4500.

Have a look at: Top 10 Most Affordable B-Schools in USA

Top Universities in the USA:


2.) UK:

study in UK

Home to the world famous Oxford and Cambridge, UK holds its own place when it comes to quality education. The perfect blend of excellent academics and research output, study in UK is something that is worth your time and money. There is also added advantage of one year master’s programs.

Witnessing the country in all its glory adds a new perspective to oneself. Being one of the most important financial nerve-spots of Europe, UK, specially London, is home to a wide array of opportunities for students.


Why Study in UK?

Short Postgraduate Master’s Courses, Prestigious and worldwide recognised Universities

Famous For:

  1. Law
  2. Physiotherapy
  3. Paramedical Science
  4. Computer Science & related Courses

Offers Courses in English: Yes

Average Tuition Fees to Study in UK:

Undergraduate Studies in UK cost £10,000 to £35000, and the postgraduate studies cost more compared to undergraduate studies.

With help of various Scholarships, You can Study in UK for Free.

Top Universities in the UK:


3.) Canada:


study in Canada

With the recent events happening in its neighbouring state, the policies by a friendly and charming faced PM of Canada, with more investment flowing into the country, and with more friendly student policies that let students work on and off campus, it is no wonder that Canada is ranked the highest on the desirability index. International students, upon completion of their course, get a permit to work up to three years in the country. Check here top colleges to study in Canada.


Why Study in Canada?

Easy Study Permit and work permit, SDS rule, endorses student immigration, Stay Back Option up to 3 years after studies.

Here is all you need to know about SDS Rule: New rule of Student Direct Stream (SDS) Canada

Famous for:

  1. Postgraduate Diploma Courses
  2. MBA & Finance
  3. Computer Science
  4. Engineering

Offers Courses in English: Yes, except the France speaking regions of Quebec

Average Tuition Fees to Study in Canada:

The average tuition fees paid by an international student to Study in Canada is $20,540 (CA$25200)

Top Universities in Canada:


4.) Australia:

study in Australia

When southern hemisphere demands your attention, Australia is one of the best bets. With education that’s world class and the country so quiet and filled with beaches, you never lack for anything here. Admittedly, the costs of staying here are on the higher side, but let that not deject you because a lot of part time jobs more than make-up for the costs of staying here. Check here top colleges to study in Australia

Employment prospects are a plus for anyone willing to wait out the higher investment costs. The mix of ingenious and the foreign blend brings a new experience to the board.

Why Study in Australia?

Recognised Education System, high living standards

Famous for:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Masters and Bachelors of Sciences
  3. Computer & IT fields.

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Offers Courses in English: Yes

Average Tuition Fees to Study in Australia:

The University fees in Australia for international students start at around AU$20,000. However the average fees are around AU$30,000.

Top Universities in Australia:


5.) Germany:

Study in Germany

Germany managed to retain its status of one of the most sought after top countries to study primarily due to the offer of free tuition fees at its public universities if one learns a certain level (B2) of German. Adding to that, there are some English speaking Universities that let you Study in Germany without IELTS. Studying in Germany also helps one understand on a niche scale, the attention to perfection and innovation that Germany brings to its deliverables.

Oktoberfest is one such addition that students studying there would not miss. Being one of the economic powerhouses of Europe, Germany brings to the table standards in public and academic life that students learn to look up to.

Why Study in Germany?

Free Public University, world renowned Automotive and Manufacturing Industry

Famous for:

  1. Industrial Engineering
  2. Other Engineering Courses
  3. Mathematics and Computer Science
  4. Business and Economics.

Offers Courses in English: Yes, most postgraduate courses are taught in English

Average Tuition Fees to Study in Germany:

As said, the public Universities in Germany do not have tuition fees. Undergraduate average admission charge per semester is no more than $290, and semester fees will be around $23450 for undergraduates.

Check Out: Free Education in Germany

Top Universities in Germany:


6.) France:

Another Study Abroad destination without IELTS, France is a dream destination for anyone who wants to Study abroad. A historical Paris, to underrated Lyon, France holds its culture and people together beautifully. French Universities are known all over the world for their low tuition fees and high quality education.

There are 35 top ranked institutes in France, and 17 of them are in Paris alone. If you move out of the Paris, the accommodation costs are cheap, too. In short, France makes a good case for itself when it comes to study abroad opportunities.

Why Study in France?

World renowned Universities with excellent research, Student friendly cities.

Famous for:

  1. Management and MBA
  2. Pure Sciences
  3. Aviation
  4. Engineering
  5. Philosophy
  6. Linguistics

Find Out more at: Best courses to Study in France

Offers Courses in English: Yes, some graduate and most of the postgraduate studies in English

Average Tuition Fees to Study in France:

The tuition fees are set at $200 for bachelor programs, $285 for Masters and $445 for PhD and doctoral programs per year.

Top Univerities in France:


7.) Italy:

The home of fashion is home to some of the most prestigious and oldest educational institutes, too. With Milan and Florence being the major attraction to students, Pisa and Bologna have their own charm, too. University of Bologna is the oldest University in the world.

Italy is home to 30 Universities that are top ranked in the world. It sure knows how to keep a perfect balance of modern times and historical values of the education in the country.


Why Study in Italy?

Oldest Education System, Enriching Cultural Experience, Affordable Tuition

Find Out here: Top Reasons Why You Should Study in Italy

Famous for:

  1. Design
  2. Art
  3. Architecture
  4. Humanities

Offers Courses in English: Yes, postgraduate courses in English

Average Tuition Fees to Study in Italy:

Tuition fees at Italy are fairly cheaper than private Universities. You will have to pay $1015-$1200 per year for undergraduate studies

Top Universities in Italy:


8.) Netherlands:

The country is densely populated when compared to other European Countries. The picturesque countryside is never far too away from the urban areas, and it gives the students best of both worlds.

Netherlands comes on eight with 13 top ranked Universities including TU Delft and University of Amsterdam. The language barriers are long gone, and English is more or less accepted all over the country. It is one of the world’s happiest places to live, too.

Why Study in Netherlands?

Affordable Tuition Fees, English Speaking Universities, Stay Back and work permit up to one year after studies

Famous for:

  1. MBA and Business
  2. MS courses in Science
  3. BE / BTech Courses in Engineering

Offers Courses in English: Yes

Average Tuition Fees to Study in Netherlands:

The Average tuition fees in Netherlands for bachelor’s program is €8000-€11000, while the masters programs have the fees between €2000 and €20000.

Check Out Top Fully Paid Scholarships to Study in Netherlands for Free

Top Ranked Universities in Netherlands:


9.) Finland:

The land of lakes, rivers and snow, Study abroad in Finland comes as a surprise to many in this list. The capital and the most populated city, Helsinki is home to the University of Helsinki, ranked 110th in the world.

Finland is eighth largest country by area in Europe, and fourth largest economy in the continent. Opposite to Netherlands, it is very sparsely populated, thanks to its location in the Northern Europe.


Why Study in Finland?

Top Ranked Universities and research facilities, Student life and Safety

Famous for:

  1. Business
  2. Engineering
  3. Aviation
  4. Art
  5. Natural Science

Offers Courses in English: Yes

Average Tuition Fees to Study in Finland:

The tuition fees in Finland vary for a range of $5000-$20000 per year.

Top Universities in Finland:


10.) Switzerland:

The country hardly needs any introduction. When it comes to education, it has the highest ranked Universities in not only Europe, but also world after USA and UK. The most notable of them being ETH Zurich, number 7 in the Top ranked Universities in the world.

Why Study in Switzerland?

Quality Education, International hub to UN and other organisations

Famous for:

  1. MBA
  2. Economics & Management
  3. Science and Technology

Offers Courses in English: Yes

Average Tuition Fees to Study in Switzerland:

The Average fees paid by international students in Switzerland is £650-£1000. However some private Universities charge higher amount as much as £ 2600 per year.

Top Universities in Switzerland:

Switzerland is an international hub for the NGO headquarters all over the world, with more than 50 headquarters in Geneva. It has four official languages, and a quality of life that is unmatchable in Europe.


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