Study in Finland - Student Guide 2019-2020

About Finland

A nordic country in Northern Europe, Finland has everything you expect from it. The country borders Sweden, Russia and Norway. It is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It is one of the developed countries in the world, and that reflects on the standards of living in Finland. The country is a mixture of tradition and modernisation when it comes to agriculture and industrialization, with forests being an integral part of economy of Finland. The Education in Finland has the international connect and it is recognised all over the world.

Study in Finland

Higher Education System in Finland

Higher Education in Finland consist of mainly two entities: the traditional Universities and the Universities of Applied Sciences. As the name suggests, the Universities offer the traditional degrees like Bachelor’s (alempi korkeakoulututkinto), Masters (ylempi korkeakoulututkinto), and Doctoral degrees. The traditional Universities are more concentrated on the fundamentals and traditional approach to the education. Universities of Applied sciences are more on the Practical side, with courses like Engineering pursued in the Universities of Applied Science. The bachelor’s degrees are for three to four years, whereas the courses in Universities of Applied sciences take 3.5 to 4.5 years. In many cases where the bachelor’s degrees are considered a graduate degree, sometimes it is just a stepping stone to a master's degree in Finland without a separate admission for the latter.

Universities in Finland

Ten of the Universities in Finland feature in the Top University Rankings by QS. The University of Helsinki, from the capital Helsinki is the Top University of Finland. Five of those ranked Universities are in the top 400 universities in the world. The Universities are known for the international standards of education and the research facilities. They are also highly funded by the state. The other renowned Universities in Finland are Aalto University, University of Turku and University of Jyväskylä. You can check out all the Universities in Finland here: Universities in Finland

Study in Finland in English

It is possible to study in Finland in English. More than 400 programs for higher education in Finland are taught in English. The most prominent language is obviously Finnish, however, right from the school English is taught. The other major language in Finland apart from the finnish and English is Swedish. The international students will not have to worry about learning a new language, and they can continue their studies in Finland with English language as there are many courses to study in Finland in English Masters Degree. There are English language tests to prove the proficiency of candidate’s English, and they are generally IELTS, TOEFL or C1 Cambridge Advanced.

Study in Finland Without IELTS:

For the language proficiency, there need to be some proof of English language proficiency for English taught Universities in Finland. IELTS and TOEFL test scores are widely accepted for that. However, there are other ways to study in Finland without IELTS. The Universities sometimes grant exemptions to the students if they are able to prove their English language proficiency other than these test scores. The other ways normally include the student being from a native English speaking country, or if the student clear the Universities’ tests for English, or if the student has had his/her higher education in English language.

Apply to Study in Finland

The Application process to study in Finland is quite straightforward. It starts with finding the right course and Universities in Finland and applying online. There are some general requirements of the universities regarding the documents which every student needs to fulfill. The next step to admission at Universities in Finland would be english language proficiency tests. The most commonly accepted test are IELTS and TOEFL. However, in some cases exemptions are granted even for the non-native English speaking candidates, when they can study in Finland if they attend the language classes before the courses.

Top Courses to Study in Finland:

There are number of courses to look forward for bachelor’s and master’s in Finland. There are enough courses for international students for bachelor’s, masters and PhD programs in Finland. There is a range of fields to apply to, from international business in Finland to IT courses in Finland. From management to Engineering, Universities in Finland has everything to look forward to. International students have large number of options to choose from, and pursue their higher education. There also vocational and short courses in Helsinki that students prefer doing, that are more employment oriented than theoretical and research based courses.

Study in Finland Scholarships

The Universities in Finland offer several scholarships to local and international students alike. Scholarships and Grants are a great way to fund your Study in Finland, there are number of them offered by the educational institutes. In some cases, even a student’s home country offers grants for the students going to study abroad. One should do a thorough research on the scholarships offered by both Universities and government. There are many specific scholarships available in Finland for international students like University of Helsinki scholarships programme and scholarships by University of Oulu Scholarship Foundation.

Live and Study in Finland:

Once you are accepted at the university to study in Finland, you will be part of a student union for the higher education in Finland. The union looks after the students interests and represents them. People in Finland are welcoming and friendly, and with more than 400 programs for international students in Finland, you will find international students just like you on and off the campus. There are many student clubs for different interests, and you can be a part of them. The life in Finland offers you high standards of living with ease.

Study and Work in Finland

International students in Finland are allowed to work with some restrictions while they study in Finland. The students are allowed to work at part time jobs. There is no weekly limit set on the working hours, however, the average of the working hours for an academic term should not exceed the average of 25 hours a week. The student are allowed to work part time in their field of study. Many Universities in Finland offer career and employment services which can be helpful for the international students.

Stay Back & Work after Study in Finland:

The Non-Eu students have the option to apply for one year extension to work after study in Finland. There are number of job opportunities after MS in Finland. Students who already have secured an employment, or the students who are willing to stay back and look for employment can apply for the extension in the residence permit for Finland. In case where a student is looking for the residence permit and have not found an employment have to apply for the residence permit extension before his or her permit affiliated to the study program expires.

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