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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Overseas students generally have certain expectations for their further study destination. Finland fulfils many of the expectations of the students according to the study. Education in Finland is High-quality yet affordable education. Finnish universities always offer many support and career services. To know more about the reasons to study in Finland click on the given link: Top Reasons to Study in Finland for International Students

One cannot study in Finland fully free. However, you can get a scholarship for help to manage your expenses. Universities provide various types of scholarships both for bachelor's and master's level international students. Scholarship programmes also exist for doctoral level. You must be eligible according to the requirements for the scholarship and then apply to gain the benefit.

There are many courses open to international students in Finland who are looking for a bright career. Foreign students can apply for courses like applied science, architecture, business and management, computer science and IT, engineering and technology, journalism and media, social science etc.

The Finnish higher education require official proof of their applicants' English proficiency, and IELTS or TOEFL is the most commonly accepted options for this purpose. So, in most cases, you do need to have a valid IELTS/TOEFL test score to apply. There are few universities where you can apply without IELTS but need to submit a 3 min motivational video in English.

Universities in Finland have been increasing the number of study programmes offered in English to pull more students from other countries. There are now more than 600 study programmes at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate level. You can find an English-taught study option for any subject like Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Medicine or Law etc

Start your process with choosing the program to study in Finland. Check the admission requirements and details of the universities in Finland. Apply to that program in the specific universities with their websites. Then wait until you receive your letter of acceptance and after that start preparing for the arrival. For the detailed information regarding how to study in Finland click here: How to Apply to Universities in Finland?

The annual tuition fee depends on the university and the degree programme. Abroad students have to pay for the bachelors and masters courses that vary from 10,000  Euro - 16,000 Euro per year The English taught degrees starts at 1500 euros a year, and it can go up to 25000 euros a year. Get more details regarding the overall cost of study in Finland by clicking here: Cost of studying in Finland

The cities of Finland have impressive natural beauty, a heavy focus on research and innovation, a better selection of world-class universities. Finland’s top student cities are Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Tampere, Jyvaskyla etc having many well-known universities. You can  discover more about the top-ranking Finnish universities here: Top Ranking Universities in Finland

Foreign l students have a right to work while studying without restrictions if the work is related to their studies. Students can also work in other unrelated jobs but permitted for only 25 hours per week, a part-time job on average during the academic year and work full time with no restrictions during vacations.


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