Duolingo is an application designed to help you learn languages easily and comfortably If you are looking to study abroad in any country which has a new language you can use this application and learn it very easily. The application allows you to learn a lot of different languages, such as, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian etc. You just have to select the language that you want to learn the first time you use the application.


Duolingo utilises the theory of 'gamification,' which means it teaches the lessons in a way that makes you feel like you are just playing a game. You earn experience points, as you complete lessons and losses heart if you make a mistake. Duolingo tries to help you learn the language in an interesting way. If you want to study in countries like Spain, France, Italy etc and you wan to learn their native language to survive there, this application is perfect for you.

Duolingo is an excellent application to learn any language you're interested in. Additionally, it has an eye-catching visual style and it is totally free of cost. So instead of hiring a personal tutor again, you can start using this application and learn the new languages.The creators of this application are always looking for new ways to maintain user loyalty.

Main Features of Duolingo

There are a few main features that Duolingo have. They are listed below:

  • There is the translation from the learner’s native language to the target language and also from to native language.
  • There is also a listening exercise where the learner listens to a sentence being spoken and types in what they heard generally. The learner can also slow down the speed of the spoken sentence if it is not understandable and it is also available to be listened to as many times as the learner wants to.
  • A speaking exercise is offered as well, during which the learner has to read out the sentences loudly in the language they are learning. 
  • A matching exercise for vocabulary where the learner matches pictures to words and words to picture. 
  • You can compete with your friends too which keeps you motivated to learn the language.
  • The learners also receive a reminder mail to complete their lessons.
  • The application offers 3 hearts for each exercise which means that they only get 3 chances to get each lesson in each level otherwise they will have to start over.

Business model

Most of the features of this language learning application are useful in studying abroad. These are available on Duolingo application without any charges, but it is advertising and promotion based facility on mobile and web browser applications, the advertisements can also be removed by users paying a nominal subscription fee. This feature is named as ‘Duolingo Plus’ which includes benefits like unlimited hearts, level skipping, and progress quizzes. 

Working of Duolingo application 

  1. The user can choose between 21 different languages: Besides the common languages like English, French, German, Italian and Spanish you can also learn Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Irish, Turkish, Swedish, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Welsh, Norwegian, Hebrew, Vietnamese and Hungarian depending upon their understanding and feasibility.
  2. It is very simple to use and understand:
  • You can create a user profile to save the progress and stages you have made.
  • You can choose between "THE BEGINNER MODE"  and  "NOT A BEGINNER MODE"
  • You can set your time-based goals and then make a choice between regular, casual, serious, insane uses per day
  • Clearing the checkpoints and targets, one can activate many other lessons by finishing all the modules of one lesson or taking a test if you are already learnt its topics.
  • Shopping time!! one can earn/gain so-called “lingos” scores and with them  “powerups” can be redeemed. 

Pros of Duolingo

It is best suited for people who have an aim of abroad studying and are beginning to learn a new foreign language. Unlike the usual boring lengthy videos, Duolingo is an user-interactive fun game-like application which rewards you on giving correct answer and takes away a heart in case of wrong answer. Advantages of Duolingo are mentioned below:

  • Cost- The whole app is free of charge.
  • Visuals- Duolingo uses a lot of images and symbols which actually have the same effect and help to visualize and remember what you have learnt till date.
  • Clear overview- The usage of Duolingo is very simple and you have a clear overview of the contents topics and different options and features.
  • Audio- Phrases and words  you learn are always spoken out loudly. There are also recording practice sessions to improve your speaking skills.
  • Studying-If you are not much sure about a word in a translation task you can retrieve meaning/translation for the same. Grammar rules are explained in every task.
  • Effectiveness and usefulness- You are able to redo/undo certain exercises to strengthen the skills you have already learnt. This helps you to revise what you have already learnt.
  • Easy to use-The application is easy to use with its simple straightforward interface and it also allows you to publish/share your results on social sites like Facebook since it is a trend with everything nowadays to be a better version of yourself every day and beat your own scores and your friends’ scores too.
  • Motivation-Duolingo is like an exciting game. You get applauds when you reach your daily goal and targets.                    

Cons of Duolingo

  • There is no introduction in the beginning as to how the whole process works actually works.
  • It needs an active internet connection. It has no offline workspace.
  • It is simple and easy to learn for beginners but it changes when you get into more complex phases and levels.
  • The accent and the way, sentences are spoken is not exactly like the way native people speak that language. 


Duolingo is definitely a good choice for a person who loses motivation very quickly, its game-like approach and features help to learn languages in a very playful and easy way and is based on many visual representations as well as audios which are helpful to visualize and remember what you have learnt. Another plus point is that Duolingo has many different types of tasks and it builds up every lesson in different ways which provides more variety in learning to the student. However, the application, Duolingo can`t actually replace a “real” language school and especially for beginners, I would recommend using Duolingo in combination with a teacher-led language course which helps people who have a target to go abroad and study.

About the Author:

Twinkle is an active listener and observer. She has a boundless curiosity to improvise her all-round knowledge. She is always open about her thoughts and her personality is filled with thirst for acquiring knowledge about different fields. Her favourite pastime is to pen down her thoughts and knowledge. Her strength is the simplicity of language yet being artistic.

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