One of the noblest professions in the world, is one of the toughest ones, too. MBBS or any other medical course in the world is highly competitive and expensive. Typically, the bachelors of medicine courses are for six years, which makes a tough course even tougher. However, there are some exceptions there. In some of European countries, with help of the Graduate Entry Medicine for international students, one can complete their medical studies in four years! These are called Graduate Entry Medicine Programs, Fast Track Medical Programs, or Accelerated Programs. There are some academic requirements, along with the language requirements to fulfill, however, and here is everything you need to know about Graduate Entry Medicine:

Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe:

The graduate entry medicine courses in Europe are four year course for both domestic and international students. Compared to the traditional medical graduate degrees which are for six years, the ones with the four years duration are for the students who want to complete their study of medicine in Europe. These courses are also called Fast Track medical courses in Europe. They are offered with different names in different European countries, but at the end of the day, they are equivalent to the graduate of medicine. Here is all the information you need on that:

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4 Year Medical Schools in Europe

Europe is home to many universities that are the most prestigious universities in the world, be it one of the oldest, Bologna University, or the top-ranked Oxford and Cambridge. There are a number of options to choose your four-year graduate of medicine, to study medicine in Europe. Here are some of the Best Medical Schools in Europe for Graduate Entry into Medicine:

QS Rank for Medicine

Best Universities for Medicine in Europe



University of Oxford

United Kingdom


University of Nottingham

United Kingdom


KU Leuven



Leiden University Medical Center



University of Groningen



University of Birmingham

United Kingdom


Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland



St George's, University of London

United Kingdom


VU University Medical Center



Swansea University

United Kingdom


As is is very noticeable here, Graduate entry Medicine in Netherlands and United Kingdom appear the most here. The other countries include Poland, Sweden, Scotland and many more.

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Best Country to Study Medicine in Europe

Here are the top destinations for medical studies for international students, if you are looking for Europe:

Study Medicine in Europe Entry Requirements

Medical schools in Europe can be pretty strict with the entry requirements, high academics and english language proficiency demands are high for the medicine courses. Be it bachelors of masters of medicine in Europe, here are some of the general requirements to study medicine in Europe:

Bachelor of Medicine in Europe

Masters of Medicine in Europe

High School Certificate with the relevant Subjects

Bachelor’s degree in Medicine or Healthcare

High Scores in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

English Language Proficiency (IELTS 7.0 and equivalent)

Motivation Letter, Letters of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

Voluntary or Professional Work Experience

Passing the Admission Test

Good TOEFL or IELTS scores 

For some countries, the GPA should be as high as 4.0/5.0

MBBS in Europe Fee Structure

The Fees for the European medical schools can be as high as 70000 euros. Medicine and Healthcare are some of the most expensive courses in the world, and Europe is no exception. However, there are some countries, like Ukraine, where the tuition fees for MBBS are 3840 euros to 5120 euros a year. France and Germany are some of the other study abroad destinations in Europe where the courses are not as high as in the other English-speaking parts of the world. The other affordable countries to study medicine in Europe are Poland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Belgium. The tuition fees change with the courses and universities, and it is hard to reach a close average for medical schools. For Cost of Study and Living in General, read: Cost of Living and Studying in Europe for International Students

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