Cost of Living and Studying in Europe

Fees and affordability in Europe

Europe is the most popular study destination of the world, period. International students from all corners of the world flock to this continent to pursue higher studies, because they know that Europe is the educational and cultural hub of the world. It has been so for thousands of years, in fact. The continent gives international students the best of education, at the lowest cost. In addition to everything else, there is the high quality of life that comes as a bonus to anyone who goes to study abroad Europe.

University tuition fees in Europe:

There are thousands of public and private academic institutions which offer international students the very best of education across disciplines, at various levels- from under-graduation to post-doctoral. The trainings provided to students are simply top class.

Tuition fees at public universities

Europe has some of the best public universities in the world. The continent consists of fifty sovereign states, and each one of them have some excellent universities. Among all the countries, the best public universities are situated in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. France, for example, has eighty-three public universities that provide a high standard of education to the international students. The fees at public universities across Europe varies largely, depending on the country, the university, and the course or programme opted for.

Tuition fees at other type of institutes

There are private colleges and universities scattered across the continent. Like tuition fees in public universities in Europe, the fees for private colleges and universities also depend on the country, the university, and the course or programme opted for. One can expect the average tuition fees to be around two thousand euros, without any scholarships.

Most affordable universities in Europe

This forms a very important part of every international student’s investigations related to studying abroad. Expenses and tuition fees are big issues for any student, and it helps if they get at least some information about the most affordable universities. Here is a short list of some of the most affordable ones:

Affordable University Average Tuition Fees
École Polytechnique 12,000 EUR/year
Pierre and Marie Curie University 350 EUR/year
University of Siena 1800 EUR/year
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano 2200 EUR/year
University of Hamburg                       1000 EUR/year
University of Bremen  500 EUR/year

University fees at top ranked universities

When a student wants to go abroad and pursue higher studies, he/she is concerned about the expenses, of which the tuition fees is a major part. But going abroad to study is not just about finding a university where the tuition fees is low. It is also about finding universities that are the best, and in which pursuing a course or programme costs less. Here is a short list of such universities:

Top Ranked University Average Tuition Fees
Heidelberg University 6000 EUR/year
Technical University of Munich 2000 EUR/year
Polytechnic University of Milan 3300 EUR/year
University of Bologna 2100 EUR/year
Ecole Polytechnique 12000 EUR/year

Scholarships in Europe

Sometimes, money comes in the way of bright students’ pursuing higher studies. That is when scholarships come in handy. Thankfully, Europe has some of the best scholarships international students can think of. Here is a list of some of those:

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarships

Ecole Normale Superieure International Selection

INSEAD MBA Scholarships

Germany Tuition Free Universities and Scholarships for International Students

KAAD Scholarships in Germany for Developing Countries

Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships for Developing Countries

Living Costs in Europe:

This too varies, depending on the countries chosen by the international students, and the areas in which they reside, in those countries. The living costs comprise of accommodation costs, transport expenditure, food costs, phone bills, etc. Every country in Europe is sensitive to the needs of international students. So, the prices and costs of commodities and services are made in such a way that international students, even those without scholarships can manage to live decent lives.


Typically, there are three kinds of common accommodation available. Students can opt to stay on the campuses, or just outside it, in rented apartments. Students may also stay with families, as paying guests. Usually, staying on campuses cost a lot. Staying just outside in rented apartments cost lesser, while the cheapest option is to stay with another family. This helps in saving money, and also in getting the warm feeling of having a family, in a foreign land.

Food costs

This is an important component of the total expenditure of any international student. All countries, and their restaurants and food chains understand this. Hence, from local restaurants to McDonald’s, affordable meals are available everywhere. There are a number of inexpensive restaurants in and around the places where students reside, in every student destination.


An international student will simply be spoilt for choices. From cabs to buses, and from trains to flights, all options are available, and in plenty. Extremely affordable tickets come with advanced bookings. 

Extra costs and savings

In most cases, it is the health insurance costs that weigh heavy on the pockets of international students. However, in most cases there are plans that the countries’ governments offer to international students. Travel cards and passes save money. So does borrowing books from libraries.

Hence, whether a student wants to pursue higher studies abroad to become a graduate, or to pursues a Masters, or any other post graduate degree programmes, Europe is the best destination for him/her. Especially for Indian students, Europe is the most attractive academic option because almost all courses and programmes there are conducted in English.

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