If you are a bachelor of medicine and looking forward to pursue your masters in medicine at a prestigious Medical University, we are explaining why it would be a good idea to study at a Medical University abroad. First, let us get into the details of Masters in Medicine and application process at these medical universities.

Top Reasons to Study Masters in Medicine Abroad

Masters in Medicine and How to Apply for Medical University:

There are two levels of medical degrees. Entry-level medical degree for bachelor of medicine, and then the Masters in Medicine courses like MMed (Master of Medicine) or MD (Doctor of Medicine). Some medical Universities combine the levels and offer an MD medical degree at the end of the studies.

Each countries have their own criteria to apply for masters in medicine. To get a medical degree in USA, you are required to take MCAT. For UK, there are variety of tests like GAMSAT, UKCAT and BMAT. Look for the Medical Universities that offer courses to international students for masters in medicine. You are required to have your specialisation (or “residency” in USA) sorted before you apply.

If you are applying to study masters in medicine in USA, you can apply through AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service). For UK, it is MSC (Medical Schools Council). The general requirements are lab based science subjects, and subjects required according to your specialisation.

The admission process for medical university change every year, for every country and courses.

Here are Top Reasons to study Masters in Medicine Abroad:

1. Masters is about Specialisation:

Masters in Medicine require you to pick up a specialisation. This will make you clearer about your career and give you a sense of direction going ahead.

It will give you a clear picture about the subjects and courses you are going to study in your medical degree. Medical University concentrate only on the specialisation you have chosen, and that helps you in your course of study.

2. Diversity in Courses:

As mentioned before, there are number of courses you can choose to study masters in medicine abroad. Best Medical Universities in the world offers number of courses to gain a medical degree.

Top courses in Medicine to Study Abroad:

3. Number of Career Option:

With diversity in the courses, you can see how the career options will vary, too. With your medical degree specialisation, you can choose various professions, and it is not just doctors.

  • Medical researcher

  • Health centre administrator

  • Genetic counsellors

  • Epidemiologists

  • Emergency preparedness and bioterrorism coordinator

  • Clinical trial manager

  • Cardiovascular Perfusionist

  • Biomedical engineering specialists

4. Best Medical Universities in the World:

Now that you know what a medical degree for masters in medicine will make you, here are the best medical Universities in the world to help you with the where. Studying medicine in the US looks like the apparent choice here, but these are just top 10. You can check out more at: Best Countries to Study Medicine Abroad.

Best Medical Universities in the World:

  1. Harvard University, USA

  2. University of Oxford, UK

  3. University of Cambridge, UK

  4. Stanford University, USA

  5. Johns Hopkins University, USA

  6. Karolinska Institute, Sweden

  7. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA

  8. Yale University, USA

  9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA       

  10. University College London, UK

5. It is Cheaper than you think:

Medical degrees in countries like China, Philippines, Ukraine and Russia are the cheaper options for studying masters in Medicine. Northern European Countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark are cheaper study abroad options for studying Masters in Medicine Abroad. You can also opt for Study Abroad Scholarships to fund your medical degree, along with the living expenses. There are many international grants available for medical students, and you can check with your home country if there are any scholarships available.

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