One thing medical students always find as a hurdle to their education is the expensive tuition fees. Medical schools are not exactly known for being Affordable all around the world. Affordable medical schools are a rarity, and students find it tough getting into the public universities, be it acceptance rate or competition from reputed colleges. However, there is some study abroad destinations in the world with the Affordable medical schools for international students. Here are they:

Top Countries with Cheapest Medical Schools for international students

Affordable Country to Study Medicine in English

As mentioned above there are a number of countries that offer affordable medical tuition. To attract more and more international students, the countries offer studies in English, which also increases the employability of students all around the world, with English being universally accepted language in the world. Here are the top countries with the most affordable medical schools in the world:

Medical Colleges in Russia:

Russia is known for its medical colleges and affordable tuition fees. With inexpensive tuition fees, there is no compromise in the quality of education. The lowest medical school tuition fees can go as low as 4500$ a year, while the average tuition fees are 4000$ to 6000$. Here are some of the top Russian medical colleges and their tuition fees:

Affordable Medical Schools in Russia for International Students

Medical Colleges in Russia

Medical School Tuition Fees

Orenburg State University

6000 USD/Year

Tver State Medical University

4900-6400 USD/Year

Stavropol State Medical University

5800 USD/Year

Pirogov  Russian NRM University

7883 USD/Year

Dagestan State Medical University

5000 USD/Year

Crimean Federal University

3700 USD/Year


Medical Colleges in Poland:

If one wants to study in Europe, Poland is one of the most affordable destinations for the medical studies. Though the tuition fees are not as low as the Russian medical schools, the tuition fees are very affordable for a European country. The lowest medical school tuition fees for Poland is somewhere around 11500 USD for a year, and the average tuition fees to study in Poland for medical college is around 12900 USD a year. Here are most affordable medical schools in Poland:

Affordable Medical Schools in Poland for International Students

Medical Colleges in Poland

Medical School Tuition Fees

Medical University of Gdansk

11548 USD/Year

Medical University of Lodz

12503 USD/Year

University of Warsaw

12390 USD/Year

Wroclaw Medical University

13060 USD/Year

Jagiellonian University Medical College

14957 USD/Year


Medical Colleges in China

Medical Colleges in China are known for their reputed MBBS courses, medical education, and affordable tuition fees compared to other English speaking countries. China is one of the best destination for your medical studies at an affordable course. Here are some of the most affordable medical schools in China:

Most Affordable Medical Schools in China for International Students

Medical Colleges in China

Medical School Tuition Fees

Anhui Medical University

4455 USD/Year

David Tvildiani Medical University

5000 USD/Year

Wenzhou Medical University

4455 USD/Year

Guangxi medical University

4455 USD/Year


For Best Medical Schools in China:

As we have mentioned before, even the top universities in China offer the best of the programs at the affordable costs. Here are top universities in China and the tuition fees for the medical courses:

QS Subject Ranking for Medical

Best Medical Schools in China

Medical School Tuition Fees


Peking University

7400 USD/Year


Sun Yat-Sen University

7127 USD/Year


Tsinghua University

3564 to 8900 USD/Year


Zhejiang University

6355 USD/Year


Nanjing University

5048 USD/Year


These are just three of the countries we have explored, as they have quality education, apart from these three, the Philippines and Ukraine are also affordable study abroad destinations for medical students. If you are looking for an MBBS degree abroad, click here: Top 10 Countries to Study MBBS Abroad 

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