6 Common GRE Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The GRE exam is a bit difficult, and it is easy to make mistakes while making preparations until you write your exam. We all make mistakes. You should try not to make the same mistake twice If you understand some of the most common GRE mistakes, you can use your awareness to actively avoid making it. Let’s see what are the common mistakes made by GRE test-takers which will help you to know how to study as effectively as possible.

Mistake 1: Not reading the problem carefully

Many times you rush in the exam so that you can complete your exam on time. This is the time you make the mistake of not reading properly or not reading it entirely. In such a case you may struggle about the answer choices, picking one—usually the incorrect one—that happens to be somewhat close to your answer.

Before you begin solving the question, you need to know exactly what the question is asking you to solve. Sometimes, you will see that a variable like ‘x’ is included in the question, and immediately start solving for ‘x’. They quickly input an answer,  then later realize that the question was actually asking for the value of ‘1/x’. Never start blindly solving a problem.

Mistake 2: Focusing on only one section

It is very common for GRE test takers who commit to studying, decide that they just need to focus on one section, especially if they think they already have a natural ability for the other sections to answer. But unless you already have a consistently perfect score on one section, this is a wrong choice and will ultimately decrease your GRE score. Only the balanced study will give you overall positive results. For scoring better results here are minor but important tips: Do’s and don’ts for the GRE.

Mistake 3: Minor math mistakes

Many times we make common math mistakes which are a result of forgetting something as minor as writing a negative sign. Many of the GRE test takers face the same problems like small calculation errors, rounding errors, forgetting to keep track of positive and negative numbers, or any number of other small things which should be kept in track while taking a test. Math is about exactness, so use your preparation time to become an efficient and faultless human calculator.

Mistake 4: Units confusion

It is very important to keep your units straight, especially when handling work rate problems. You have to read the question carefully and know exactly what you are required to solve. For example:

  • If the question is asking you how long a machine takes to complete an order, make sure your answer should be in hours, or seconds, or some metric of time.
  • If the question is asking about a rate, then your answer needs to be in the units like widgets per hour or widgets per second.

Are struggling with the Quant Section, here is a complete guide for you : Quantitative Reasoning Section of GRE

Mistake 5: Studying Without a Plan

Some test-takers take practice test after practice test and think that will be enough to improve their score. Doing this, you will simply make the same mistakes over and over without any improvement. Your GRE preparation needs to be geared towards your personal needs, how much you need to improve, and what specific skills you need to build. When it comes to GRE preparation quality matters more than quantity, and quality means making a plan and a specific schedule and studying accordingly to be more specific and make goals for yourself each week. You are in a need of tips here: Top 10 Most Important GRE test Day Tips to Ace the Exam

Mistake 6: Spending too much time on the hard questions

You don’t have to get every question right. It is more important for you to be sure that you get most questions right. It is better to spend a little extra time on a less-difficult question to be sure that your answer is the correct one. Spending too much time on a hard or complicated question that you may not get correct anyway is not the right strategy. If you are looking for a guide which can help you manage the time in the GRE exam, here it is: Time management of  3 Hours 45 Minutes in the GRE

So the final word for you is to make sure that you have understood the GRE format totally before you move into the testing centre. Make a good strategy for each type of question that you can use on every practice test and on the original GRE. Feeling prepared for anything will give you confidence on the test day and is the best way to avoid common GRE mistakes.

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