GRE Exam Fees

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For the students looking forward to admission to a number of universities abroad, GRE is nothing unheard of. GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination, and as the name suggests, the test is used as an eligibility criterion for different courses by universities worldwide. Here, we are talking about the GRE Exam Fees. For more details on the test, you can click on the links below:

GRE Exam Details GRE Exam Eligibility
GRE Exam Syllabus GRE Exam Pattern


GRE Fees

Barring some of the countries, the Fee structure for GRE is the same for anyone who wants to appear for the GRE. The fees for most countries are US$ 205. Here is how it stands:


GRE Exam Fees









All the Other Parts of the World


GRE Subject Test Fees:

For subject tests, the fees are the same worldwide. The candidates will have to pay $150 for the GRE Subject tests.

GRE Exam Fees for Special Services and Requests:

Late Registration:

The late registration for the GRE can be done only for the paper-delivered test when you book the test online. The late registration for the GRE can be done at least 4 days before the desired test date. For Late registration, US$25 has to be paid by the student for late registration.

What if you Cancel GRE Test?

One has to cancel the GRE Test at least four days before the test date. Candidates from China will have to cancel the exam 10 days before the exam. If one cancels the exam before this time, they are eligible for half the registration fees they have paid at the time of booking. If one cancels the exam within four days of the test date, there will be no refund.

Rescheduling Fees:

Again, one can make a change in GRE Test dates if they are not willing to cancel the examination. The rescheduling can also be done only before four days of the test date. Rescheduling fees for the GRE are $50 additional. For Chinese Candidates, the rescheduling fees are $53.90.

Changing a Test Center:

One can opt for the change in the test center if they want to, before the GRE Exam. One can rebook the exam with another test center by calling their nearest Prometric Test Center or by contacting RRC (Regional Registration Center). Again, the rebooking of the test has to be done at least four days before the test date. Changes in the test center will cost the candidate an additional fee of $50.

Request and Services


Late Registration Fees for Paper-Based GRE Test/Online Registration


Standby Testing for Paper-Based GRE Test


Rescheduling Fees


Rescheduling Fees for China


Change in Test Center


Change in Subject Test:



Costs of Materials and other Free GRE Study Materials:

While you register for the GRE exam, you will have the option to pick the materials to prepare for GRE. Some of those materials are paid for, and some are free. However, all of them are optional, only if a student is interested in preparing for GRE through the material. Here are the costs:

Official GRE Guide Mobile App


ScoreItNow! - Online Writing Practice


Official GRE Value Combo (eBook) - Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions and the Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions


POWERPREP® PLUS Online: Two official practice tests, each containing a different set of real test questions


Official GRE Super Power Pack - Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions, and Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions


Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions


Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions 


Official Guide to the GRE, Third Edition


POWERPREP® Online Preparation for the Computer-based GRE


Practice Book for the Paper-based GRE


Math Review (PDF)


Math Conventions (PDF)


Subject Test Practice Books


GRE Score Review:

There are fees for reinstatement of the score, and different score reviews. The score reinstatement fee for the GRE Scores is $50. Also, there are additional fees of $27 for each recipient apart from the four free recipients. Here are some other costs:

Additional Score Reports (ASR) — per recipient


Verbal Reasoning & Quantitative Reasoning sections QnA for New York Residents


Score Review for Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning Paper-delivered Test


Score Review for GRE Subject Tests


Score Reinstatement Fees


Score Review for Analytical Writing


GRE Fee Waiver:

There are Free materials available for the GRE preparation. Moreover, there are also some coupons that allow students to apply for discounted prices on the materials. There are also need-based fee waivers to register for the GRE. US citizens living in the USA and US citizens living outside of the USA are eligible for the need-based fee waivers. There is also a Fee reduction request form for the students who want to retest. Make sure you are eligible for one before appearing for one.

Payment Methods for GRE Exam Fees:

These are the methods that one can use to pay for the GRE Exam Fees:

  • Credit or Debit Card (American Express, China UnionPay, Diners Club International, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa)
  • PayPal
  • Cheques that can be withdrawn from US banks
  • Money Orders, Certified Vouchers 

The payment methods vary for countries like Nigeria and China. For Chinese candidates, the payment instructions can be found in the NEEA account, and for Nigerian candidates, only Visa and Paypal are the acceptable methods of payment.