GRE Exam Eligibility

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The GRE General Test or Graduate Record Examination General Test is a standardized test which is conducted by ETS. Many graduate schools, including most in the US and Canada, use this test as a part of their selection criteria. The GRE test is available across the globe in 160 countries.

GRE Eligibility

Besides GRE exam eligibility one must also know about the GRE registration, GRE preparation, GRE syllabus, and GRE score. You can get information about all this from the below link:

GRE registration GRE preparation
GRE syllabus GRE score

GRE Exam Eligibility

Only if the university accepts the GRE score, one should proceed with the GRE Registration process. The candidate should check the institution’s websites and courses to know if they are in need to take the GRE exam or not. As different institutions have different score requirements and criteria, institution and course requirements should be checked before appearing for GRE.

GRE exam Eligibility Criteria 2020

Students who want to attempt for GRE test must know the general requirements for the exam. As there are no officially prescribed GRE eligibility criteria, by the ETS(Educational Testing Services). So the candidates need just check the GRE eligibility specified by the institutes they have applied for in this regard.

GRE exam Eligibility Criteria for age Limit

ETS has no specific age bar under the GRE 2020 eligibility criteria. Candidates of any age, who want to pursue programs like MBA, MS, or law programs can take the GRE test as per the admission requirements of the various institutes over the world.

GRE Eligibility Criteria  for Educational Qualification

The academic qualification of the student matters while applying for enrolment in any institute in addition to the GRE scores. There is no particular academic qualification in the GRE Exam eligibility criteria, for taking the GRE test. Generally, students who want to pursue a Master’s degree in business, MBA, law, or a doctoral degree must appear for the GRE test. So it is better to check the list for the GRE eligibility criteria for educational qualifications should be checked by using the facility provided on the GRE website for the country-wise institutes where students can apply using their GRE scores. However, since GRE is an assessment test for admission to graduate courses, candidates are expected to have successfully completed their undergraduate program.

GRE Eligibility Criteria for Scores

There is no minimum qualifying score for GRE. The score is generally used for evaluation of the ability and skills of the prospective students by the institutes.  Some institutes have a cutoff score for students before giving admission to the various courses offered. Thus, applicants must check this and prepare accordingly for the GRE.

GRE Eligibility for documents availability

Candidates need to produce specific identification proof at the GRE exam centers to appear for the exam

  1. When registering for the GRE general test, you should make sure that the name spelling in the form should match with the name on your official identification i.e. passport.
  2. The ID presented at the test venue should:
    1. Be an original document – photocopies or digital copies will not be accepted
    2. Be valid – expired documents are not considered valid proof of identity
    3. Have the first and last name exactly as used for registering for the test
    4. Include a recent photograph
    5. Include your signature on the document.

Grad Schools have their own GRE Exam Eligibility Requirements

Whilst the GRE exam doesn’t have any eligibility requirement, some of the top schools do have stringent requirements in terms of courses to be completed by the students, GPA requirement, and GRE scores. This is because the best of the Grad schools in the world want to take in brilliant students only. This is the very reason, it is important to look into finer details of the application of every college by all the college aspirants. At times, LOR & SOP can also make a difference when you are short of the required score or GPA. The exam aspirants should check whether the University they intend to join accepts GRE 2019 scores or not.