GRE Scores

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The Graduate Record Examinations full form of GRE consists of 3 section tests that are used as an important element in a graduate institution for taking the decision of admission or rejection of a student. The three sections are the verbal, quantitative reasoning, and writing tests each of which provides your selected institution with an adequate generalized picture of your academic skills.

GRE Score

From this article, you will get all the answers relating to your GRE score. For more information about the GRE test you can click on the given links below :

GRE Registration GRE Preparation
GRE syllabus GRE Exam Pattern


GRE score 

  • For GRE Computer-based Test

If you have appeared for a computer-based GRE test, your GRE score results will be available in your ETS account within 10 to 15 days from the test date. It will also be sent to the institutions you had selected during your GRE  registration.

  • For GRE Paper-based Test

If you have appeared for the paper-based GRE test, the results of your GRE score will be available in your ETS Account within 5 weeks from the test date and it will also be sent to the institutions you had selected at the time of GRE registration.

The GRE score report sent to the institutions chosen by you will contain this information about you:

  • Your Contact Information. Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number
  • Graduate Major, you want to apply for.
  • GRE Scores and Percentile Ranks.

GRE Scores Range

You'll receive three GRE scores on your score report, one for Quantitative Reasoning (math), one for Verbal Reasoning, and one for Analytical Writing (the essays).



GRE Verbal Reasoning

130–170, in 1 point increments

GRE Quantitative Reasoning (Math)

130–170, in 1 point increments

GRE Analytical Writing (Essay)

0–6, in half-point increments


GRE Score Percentiles

Each GRE score is evaluated on two factors. They are a scaled score and a percentile rank. Your percentile rank is considered more than your scaled score. Your percentile rank shows at what position are your GRE scores among the other GRE test-takers. For example, a scaled Verbal reasoning score of 151 on the GRE interpret roughly the 51st percentile, meaning that you have scored better than 51% of other test takers and worse than the other 49% of test-takers. Below we have mentioned the most recent GRE percentile ranks for each section, declared by ETS. 

Analytical writing percentile

Score Analytical writing percentile
6.0 99
5.5 98
5.0 93
4.5 82
4.0 59
3.5 42
3.0 17
2.5 7
2.0 2
1.5 1
1.0 <1


Verbal reasoning percentile

Score Verbal reasoning percentile
170 99
169 99
168 98
167 98
166 97
165 96
164 94
163 93
162 90
161 88
160 86
159 83
158 80
157 76
156 73
155 68
154 64
153 60
152 54
151 51
150 46
149 41
148 37
147 33
146 29
145 26
144 22
143 19
142 16
141 14
140 11
139 9
138 8
137 6
136 4
<135 <3


Quantitative Reasoning Percentile


Quantitative Reasoning Percentile

170 96
169 95
168 93
167 90
166 89
165 86
164 84
163 82
162 79
161 76
160 73
159 70
158 67
157 64
156 60
155 56
154 53
153 49
152 45
151 41
150 37
149 34
148 30
147 26
146 23
145 19
144 16
143 13
142 11
141 9
140 7
139 6
138 4
137 3
<136 <2


What is a Good GRE Score?

This question comes in every test taker has on his/her mind. Here we have mentioned the different levels of GRE score, which will help you to set GRE score goal for you:

Top GRE Score

  • These scores are scored by the top 10% of the test takers. If you are one among them, it will help you to get admissions into the Top Universities of the world.
GRE section Scores
Verbal Reasoning 163 – 170
Quantitative Reasoning 165-170
Analytical writing 5.0 – 6.0


Good GRE score

Good GRE scores mean you are among the top 25% of the test takers. It will help you get your admissions into popular Universities in the world.

GRE section Scores
Verbal Reasoning 158 – 162
Quantitative Reasoning 159 - 164
Analytical writing 4.5

Here are the important tips to achieve a Good Score in GRE: Top 10 Most Important GRE test Day Tips to Ace the Exam

Modest GRE score

These scores will put your name among the top 50% of the test takers. These are quite decent scores and not at all bad. Though you might have to face some competition if you are wishing to apply for highly sought-after programs. Along with the GRE Score ensure that you develop a strong profile for admissions.

GRE section Scores
Verbal Reasoning 152 – 158
Quantitative Reasoning 153 - 158
Analytical writing 4.0

You should avoid these mistakes to score well in the exam: 6 Common mistakes made by GRE test-takers 

Average GRE score

Average GRE scores will put your name among the remaining 50% of the test takers. Though these scores would not help you to get admissions to many universities. Still, many universities can offer you unconventional programs and help you to develop your own niche. Or else you can reattempt the GRE with more preparation to boost your GRE scores.

GRE section Scores
Verbal Reasoning 151 or below
Quantitative Reasoning 152 or below
Analytical writing 3.5 or below

Take note of these things: Do’s and don’ts for the GRE

GRE Score required for various streams

Do you want to know, what are the average GRE scores you require for your graduate stream? The table below will give you an idea about it, but note that these are average scores for all schools. This will help you to set your own goal for a good GRE score. To find the competitive GRE scores you need, we strongly recommend you do research for the specific colleges and universities that you are targeting.

Fields Average Quantitative Reasoning score Average Verbal Reasoning score
Business 154 150
Engineering 160 149
Humanities and Arts 150 156
Life Sciences 151 151
Education 147 150
Physical Sciences 160 150
Social and Behavioral Sciences 152 153
Other Fields 150 151
Undecided 154 148
No Major Provided (or not listed) 150 149


Step 1: Find Information

  • Find out which a target program/school is interested in by talking to the admissions committee and current students.
  • Go to the institution’s website and find a contact to email and provide some information about your background.
  • In many cases, the institute will make contact with a current student who has a similar background to you.
  • Take advantage of it and try to learn about the admissions procedure and the program fully.

Step 2: Assemble Information

Make a proper chat of schools demanding the scores, by assembling all the information you have collected in the previous steps.

Step 3: Set a Goal for GRE Score

Once you have made the chart, find out the highest score from each column.

And make it your score goal and try to achieve it by putting in all your efforts.

How to score well in GRE?

  • Start preparation for the GRE by keeping your target score in mind. You should do some research on the GRE scores before starting preparation so that you can determine what areas to focus on for your GRE preparation before your GRE exam date.
  • Make use of the free online tests available for GRE preparation. Here we have also mentioned the free preparation materials for you: Free Online GRE Preparation Material
  • According to your strength and weakness, divide the preparation time for each section of GRE.
  • Read and practice as much as you can, don’t miss a single opportunity to learn something for GRE.
  • Start studying vocabulary. Learn new words and their synonyms as much as you can.
  • Use good materials. The materials you use to prepare should have detailed explanations of why the right answers are right, and why the wrong answers are wrong.
  • Target your weakness. Practice more on the part in which you are weak rather than on your strengths.

Make a proper strategy for dividing the test time into different questions. Here we have made a guide for you: Time management of  3 Hours 45 Minutes in the GRE

The validity of the GRE score

The validity of the GRE  score is only for a period of 5 years from the test date.

Now that you know everything about GRE, You can look forward to some of the best Universities abroad, and find yourself a perfect course and institution to enroll in. However, if you have any doubts and questions, feel free to ask us in the box below.