Top 10 Most Important GRE test Day Tips to Ace the Exam

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The test day is here. Feeling scared or nervous? Don't worry, we are here to help you with some of the useful and important GRE test Day Tips which will make you feel confident and you would be able to get through the exam calmly. When it comes to getting good scores on the GRE, knowing how to answer the questions is only one side of the coin. You should also know how to optimize the conditions needed to achieve that great score.

GRE Test day Tips

1. Arrive early

Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time of the GRE at the test center. If you arrive late, you may not be allowed in the test room to take the test as well as your test fee will not be refunded.

2. Attempt Easy Questions First

Within the subsection, all the questions of GRE receive almost the same amount of points. This means it makes sense to answer all the easy questions first. So when you face a question on test day that seems confusing or hard then just skip it and move on to another question. After you have made your first pass through the subsection and answered all the easy questions, complete your left-out questions. You may find that they aren’t as difficult as you thought they would be.

3. Answer Every Question

There is no penalty for writing the wrong answers in the exam, You can only gain points for correct answers. So it is a benefit for you to guess the answer if you don’t know the correct one. If you have time to make a quick, educated guess, that is great. But even if you have to randomly select any answers when you have a few seconds left, still do it.

4. Read instructions and questions carefully

It is important that you read the GRE questions closely. There is nothing more disappointing than losing points just because you misread the word “not” or “except” or you have input your answer to a math problem in the wrong units. The GRE often assumes that candidates will make careless reading errors and will include dummy answer choices that relate to the correct answer to trick you up. Here is the list of things which you follow:  Do’s and don’ts for the GRE.

5. Use the Process of Eliminating answer choices

When you read a GRE question and you are not sure of the correct answer, then use the method of elimination to remove as many incorrect answers as you can. Even if you are not able to find the correct answer by using this method, you will increase your chance of guessing correctly with every answer choice you eliminate.

6. Try to be Calm

Taking the GRE can be a tough experience, especially when you face a difficult question or feel like you have forgotten something you studied. But the key to doing well in the exam is to stay calm. Don’t let your temporary discomfort spiral go out of control. Move on to another question. Tell yourself that you can do it and that you are doing great. Otherwise, you could lose your concentration, which could affect your score negatively.

7. Make good use of Scratch Paper

You are given an unlimited scratch paper on the GRE to help you find the answers. Make good use of it and simply the questions on it. So, to make the best use of it, you should keep it neat. In other words, write neatly and systematically. Otherwise, you will be at risk of including errors in your work, especially in the math section.

8. Keep an eye on the timer

Poor time management in the GRE can give you poor results. Be sure to keep an eye on your time while you are taking the test.

  • The Verbal and Quantitative sections both have 20 questions per section.
  • The verbal section’s time limit is 30-minutes, giving you about 1:30 for each question.
  • The quantitative reasoning section’s time limit is 35-minute, giving you about 1:45 for each question.

Obviously, there will be some variation in how long questions take, but you have to practice staying on track. This is a general guideline that should keep you from wasting too much time on a particular question by keeping an eye on the timer. Know in detail how to manage to time for each section in GRE: Time management of  3 Hours 45 Minutes in the GRE

9. Check for Mistakes

If you have a few minutes or seconds left, make a quick pass through to check your answers after you finish a subsection. This will help you know if you have made any careless errors, like marking a different answer than you wanted by mistake or misreading the question and correct it immediately. It will decrease your chances of writing the wrong answers. Here are some of the mistakes which are repeated by the PTE test-takers, know them and avoid doing them: 6 Common mistakes made by GRE test-takers 

10. Take the Break

Even if you think that you don’t need the break, still take the break. Just take that time to relax and rest your brain. But you should also take this chance to eat some snack and drink water. Just take a proper refreshment and start your next section freshly and calmly.

We hope now you are aware of everything about the test day. Give your best and crack the exam well.

All the best..!!

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