Free Online GRE Preparation Material

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GRE Preparation takes several months and can cost you so much because you will need to buy books, take coaching, etc. Fortunately, there are plenty of GRE practice tests, quizzes, and questions available, so you can start preparing right away. In this guide, we will discuss the comprehensive list of Free Online GRE Preparation materials.

1. Veritas Prep 

Veritas Prep provides various online resources for free training for GRE. Here, you will learn how to save time on test day, solve the most challenging questions, and gain confidence while preparing for the GRE. You will also have the chance to familiarise yourself with the format and elements of the test and become a more effective test-taker. There are different types of free GRE preparation materials provided by Veritas to help the candidates to start their preparation process for GRE strongly. They are mentioned below:

  • Free GRE workshops
  • Free GRE course on-demand lesson
  • Free GRE Course live class
  • Free GRE Practice problem

2. Powerprep II

The Powerprep II software provides online practice tests for free. This is provided by the ETS, the organization which manages the GRE. You can also learn the fundamentals of the test, such as how to use the calculator or how to flag and return to questions later. This free software has the option to attempt the practice tests under extended time and extra break conditions. Powerprep II is designed to help the GRE test takers to:

  • Understand what is being evaluated in the exam
  • Get familiar with the various kinds of questions
  • Understand the scoring system
  • Gain familiarity with the tools of the test, including the on-screen calculator
  • Practice taking the test under timed or untimed conditions.

3. Practice Book for the paper-based GRE exam

The ETS practice book offers a similar test-taking experience to the GRE paper-based exam. It consists of one full-length paper-delivered test, sample Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning questions with explanations, sample Analytical Writing topics, scored Analytical Writing responses,  test-taking strategies, reader commentaries, and information on how the test is scored.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers courses on pretty much each section. Just look for the section which you want to learn more about and you will be able to find a video with a clear explanation of the topic here. The ETS suggests the Khan Academy as a valuable source of free resources which may be helpful to the GRE candidates. Especially as you prepare for the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE General Test.

5. Magoosh’s GRE vocabulary flashcards

Magoosh’s GRE vocabulary flashcards include more than 1,000 of the most important GRE words. You can either download the app or start studying online itself. The flashcards are designed to help GRE candidates to:

  • Build their GRE Verbal Score
  • Master the 1,000 most important GRE words
  • Master words on every level
  • Focus on words that may be difficult for them, regardless of their verbal skills
  • Focus on the words they most need to review, saving their time and making sure that they remember what they have studied.

6. Kaplan GRE practice test

The Kaplan practice test is widely considered as tough. The questions in this practice test are more difficult than those you will see in the original GRE, so don’t worry if you score less than normal here. Facing the challenging Kaplan GRE practice test will help you master the official GRE exam

Take this free practice test, learn content with one of their brilliant teachers, or you can also challenge yourself with a GRE Bootcamp available. You can take a full-length practice test at your convenience. You will also receive a detailed score analysis so that you will know your strengths and know where you need to improve. On top of this, there will be a team of teachers who will be there to answer all your questions one-on-one in a private chat.

7. Manhattan Prep Free Practice Test

It is one of the best GRE online practice tests. You will need to register for a free Manhattan Prep GRE account to get access to this practice test. The default options for this test have the correct test format, section order, and timing. There is also an accurate distribution of question types within sections. The computer interface is quite similar in function to the original GRE computer interface. Answer explanations are very clear. You can “customize timing,” which means you can set extra time if you want.

8. McGraw-Hill GRE practice test

McGraw-Hill offers a free test on their website. Additionally, you will find explanations for each and every question asked in the test. You can also find videos on problem-solving along with other GRE preparation resources. It provides one “diagnostic” online GRE practice test with one Quantitative and one Verbal section and six practice tests that have two Verbal and two Quantitative sections, but it does not offer an Analytical Writing practice test. Explanations are decent, not much in detail, but adequate.

9. Kaplan GRE Workout and GRE Pop Quiz

The quizzes offered by Kaplan’s website are a brief selection of sample questions for both Verbal and Quant sections of GRE. Questions are of high quality, with an appropriate difficulty level and the correct style of language. Answer explanations are in much detail. Kaplan shows your performance on these quizzes compared to other people.

10. Varsity Tutors GRE Practice Tests

Varsity Tutors offers a great number of online GRE practice questions which are basically small quizzes based on specific skills, for the most part. Questions are divided into specific skills. While this isn’t much help for actual complete practice tests, it does mean that if you want to just concentrate on a specific question type or skill it is very easy to do that. Most of the GRE question types are covered here. You can know your performance as well. You can compare your performance with other candidates on the same questions which will be helpful for you to track your progress.

If you are looking for something which can build your foundational GRE skills, then, these can be helpful material to help you build up your skills and in the end, you will be able to approach higher-difficulty questions.

11. West Texas A&M Virtual GRE Math Lab

A West Texas A&M math professor made this GRE math practice website. It consists of two GRE math practice tests. There is a great variety of well-written GRE quant practice questions in a variety of content areas similar to the official GRE difficult questions. Explanations are quite good and also consist of links to content reviews for the relatable principles.

You can generally use these practice tests as a question bank for you to test yourself on specific concepts because the explanations given here are great and tell you what the basic concepts are connected with each question.


There are plenty of GRE online practice tests out there. To help you choose the best we have mentioned some points regarding it: 

  • Without any doubt, the best free online GRE practice test resources are offered by ETS itself. Practice materials like PowerPrep and their paper practice tests are considered widely.
  • After that, the best unofficial GRE online practice tests are the materials provided by Khan Academy and Manhattan GRE 
  • If you just want some solid questions for practicing math problems, try the West Texas A&M GRE Math lab.
  • For some targeted practice, you could try Varsity Tutors practice quizzes and McGraw-Hill practice tests.

Now you know that you have a lot of GRE preparation resources available for free online. Now it is up to you to check them out and start using them. Keep one thing in mind, the more you practice, the better you will improve, thus increasing your chances of achieving an excellent score.