The land of landscapes and mountains is more than just a pretty face. It is the house of several amazing universities that offer world-par education. It is also famous for polytechnic courses with as many as 20 universities that help you hone your vocational skills. It is a small wonder that as many as 8 universities have been in the top 100 universities in 2015 and 2016. Here are the top 5 courses to study in New Zealand

Top 5 Courses to Study in New Zealand

Master of Tourism Management in New Zealand :

The course that you’ll study in New Zealand has been awarded international recognition by the United Nations. In a country with rolling hillsides and long clouds, tourism seems the obvious choice to pursue. Pursuing your tourism course here will give you an understanding of the complex issues surrounding tourism which will help hone your interpersonal skills. One of the top courses to study from the universities in New Zealand such as the University of Auckland, this course is a fine blend of practical and theoretical skills which helps a student develop all-around skills.


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Master of Professional Accounting in New Zealand:

With the changing dynamics of the business world, this course is fast coming to the front in terms of industry requirements. Career opportunities include a chartered accountant, tax consultant, advisor, business consultant, business analyst, etc. The fees are also not too high considering the opportunities. It is usually in the range of NZ $40000-50000. Some of the top universities in New Zealand to study in are the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology etc.


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Master of Information Technology in New Zealand:

This is another important course considering the industry requirements. This course comes in full-fledged courses, diplomas as well as correspondence courses. These topics would range between database management, project management, architecture, etc. The fees are also not particularly high, being in the range of NZ $ 19000 on an average. Career opportunities will be in software development, database management, e-commerce, architecture etc.


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Diploma in Animation and Graphic Design in New Zealand:

Universities in New Zealand in this graduate diploma course teach you everything there is to learn about animation and graphic design. Some of the topics that you would be learning are

  • Computer Practical
  • Video and Audio Motion
  • 3D Modelling
  • Typography in Motion etc.

The course in graphic design helps students in developing the requisite skills that are useful for applied roles in the fields of graphic design and animation. The fee structure is also not that high. It usually varies in the range of NZ $ 18000-19000.


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Masters in Business Administration in New Zealand:

There is nothing like a master’s in Business Administration to change your thinking and perspective. This is also one of those courses that help you climb the corporate ladder easily. Studying in New Zealand certainly helps you do that with its top-quality universities such as the University of Auckland etc. The full-time course aims at helping students gain full-time knowledge of theoretical affairs as well as practical researches, internships, field trips, and other industry-relevant experiences.


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